Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ooh-Blah-Dee, Ooh-Blah-Dah...

Well, here is my sassy girl.  She is kinda all "eye of the tiger" serious-like because she is waiting for her Daddy.  I told her that he was on his way.  Upon hearing this news she went to stand vigil at the window.  You can see the laser-like focus.  My craft project this past weekend was giving her a little haircut.  I had to take all of that winter hair off of her.  She had been looking like a little ragamuffin.  Now she looks all sleek and aerodynamic.
The much needed rain finally arrived here in California.  We have all prayed for rain, and are now so grateful that it has arrived.  Today it just rained and rained.  This would have been super fun if I would have been home, but alas, I was out and driving in it. 
Upon arriving home after work, I changed into my wooliest jammies and made myself some Starbucks hot cocoa.  In my humble opinion, Starbucks makes the best cocoa.  So when Costco gets it in at Christmas time, I hoard the stuff.  So I was happy with my hot cocoa with whipped cream and set about warming Liesl's dinner.  She is still on the home cooked diet.  It is so worth it when I see how happy she is when put her bowl down. A happy dog makes my heart happy.
I have been stitching a little here and there as time allows.  Recently I got totally hooked on the show "Big Bang Theory."  This show makes me laugh out loud.  So I love when there is a mini marathon on of the shows.  I wonder how the gentleman who plays Sheldon keeps from cracking up.
Well, off to rest.  It is quarter end, which means for long days for us accountants!