Sunday, January 18, 2015

I've Gotten Some Stitching Done!

The past couple of weeks, I have been down with a super ugly case of bronchitis.  I thought I had cold that kept rebounding throughout the holidays.  I was urged to go to the doctor last Monday, only to be told that it was something requiring some intense antibiotics.  Ugh!  I stayed in bed last weekend and was told to stay quiet this weekend.  So I have stitched, which has been lovely.  My cough is nearly gone, thankfully.  It was really gross sounding, and I think I could have blended in with the seals down on Fisherman's Wharf.   I am truly grateful that I have access to medical care. 
I am feeling super better this evening and plan on finally cleaning my house tomorrow.  It is desperately in need of reorganizing and de-germing. 
I think that Liesl must have had a traumatizing event with a bluejay in the backyard.  We have noticed over the past couple of weeks that she refuses to go onto the grass in the yard.  Liesl LOVES her yard and laying in the grass.  Lately though she has been staying on the stone pathway close to the house.  She keeps her eyes on the top of the back fence, where the bluejays tend to congregate.  I am also finding peanut shells in the yard, further evidence that the jays have been around.  I think Liesl was probably scared by one or swooped down on by a jay.  It makes me so upset to think of her hurt or scared, particularly while I am not at home.  It breaks my heart to see her scared of anything, let alone being afraid in her beautiful yard.  We just try to coax her back outside and onto the grass. 
Well, it is time for me to go tuck my little furgirl in.  She has been cracking us up all weekend and is sleepy from all of her adventures.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

It's A Beautiful Day!

It is an absolutely beautiful day here on the Monterey Peninsula.  Like much of the country we have experienced freezing temperatures, although not to the obvious extremes as other parts of the country.  Today it is clear and in the high 40s.  It is nice enough that Liesl and her daddy headed out to do some work in the backyard.  Liesl is "helping" and supervising.  I have much work to do inside the house, as I think the dust bunnies are starting to growl.
Yesterday I had a bit of a stitch stash bonanza.  At lunch time I decided to take a little trip to a local craft store.  I have not been in one in ages, but just thought that I would poke around.  I happened upon this treasure that I have been keeping an eye out for. 
If you have followed this blog for a while, you know that I love, love, love anything retro or vintage.  I have been looking for this particular pattern because it is the epitome of vintage.  Now it does say that they are Scotties, but I think that they look a bit more like Schnauzers in some of the pictures.  I have looked for this pattern for years and had not had success in finding it.  I just love these doggies and I am so happy to have them in my collection.
I must be losing it, because I had forgotten about my 123Stitch order.  It was just sitting in my mailbox when I got home.  It made me happy. 

I had wanted some small projects to work on, so I ordered ornament patterns.  I have wanted the Three Wise Men for years.  It was more than double what the others cost, so I had been putting it off. I finally succumbed and added it to the collection.  While I was placing my order, Bill asked me, "Don't you have enough patterns?"  He's adorable, and has his own "collections" of bow ties and such that we just do not discuss.  LOL  (He looks so handsome in a bow tie!)
Well, I am off to go clean up the craft room.  It has wrapping paper, etc. all over the place and is needing to be put in order.  Off to my little queendom...

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Best wishes to you for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015!  I feel very excited about the possibilities in 2015.  Last evening my sweet baboo took me out to dinner and we got to sit and reflect on all of the blessings in 2014.  It was such a wonderful year and we had so many good adventures!  We also talked about the adventures we want to have in 2015 and what we want to focus on.  I felt very inspired.  I feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful person in my life to share this journey.  He is such a beautiful person and is the person that I always hoped was in the world, and I am so happy that I found him.  (At age 50!)
After dinner, we settled in for a quiet evening with our furgirl.  Bill napped on the sofa and I stitched to a marathon of Big Bang Theory, which is one of my favorite shows.  We were both asleep by 11-11:30 so we missed seeing the ball drop.  But we had both got to have a long, restful sleep, which was quite needed.  As an accountant, my super busy time of year starts tomorrow and ends in about four months.  Oy vey!
This morning, to kick the new year off right, we met my best friend and her husband for breakfast.  We had talked about going out on New Year's Eve, but decided that we all would be more awake and alert this morning.  We had such a nice morning together and we came home thankful for such amazing friends. Afterwards, we came home and I got to finish the book I have been reading and take a good nap.  It was perfect.  The rest of the day was spent stitching, hanging out with my sweetheart, kissing Liesl on her head and cooking.  I made a New Year's dinner of pork chops and sauerkraut for good luck in the new year. 
It has been such a joy to stitch lately.  It has made me so happy.  I even bought a few small ornament patterns from 123stitch so that I can work on small projects during some of my busier times.  I had put it to the side for so long. 
So here we go, into a new grand adventure of 2015!  I wish you all good things this year.  May your year be filled with much joy, peace and laughter.