Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Liesl and Pepe Le Pew

Well, we had a near mini-disaster last night.  Liesl needed to go out at 2:40 am.  She is like a little kid when she needs to go out in the middle of the night.  She wakes Bill by going over to him and tapping on him and making low noises so she only wakes him up.  They went outside and the next thing I hear him telling her to get inside quick.  She got skunked! 
Luckily, it barely got her or her face.  I plunged her immediately into the bathtub and scrubbed (at 3:00 am!)  I had to wash her face a couple of times, but it could have been so much worse.  She was not happy about the bath part.  The shampoo actually got it all, thank goodness.  We finally got back to bed at 3:30.  Unfortunately, she had not had the chance to go potty after all, so she started making it clear she needed out.  We both got up, got the leash and led her out to the yard.  Finally, at 3:40 we were able to get back to sleep.  :(
The worst part is that I have had the skunk smell in my nose and the back of my throat all day.  Ick. But  I am so grateful she did not have  to endure anything worse.  Bill says he will put her on a leash from now on when he takes her out in the middle of the night. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Natural Beauty Of Sea Ranch

One morning at breakfast, we had the pleasure of chatting with a couple of local residents of Sea Ranch.  They were the loveliest couple and told us about a local spot on the Gualala River where we should take Liesl.  It is redwood forest with first, second and third growth redwoods.  I have never stood in a forest of these amazing trees so close together.  It was an amazing sight.  When you have the honor of standing amongst these majestic trees, the feeling is truly humbling. 
Near the trail to the river, was a log that had been marked to show the age of a felled tree by labels of the rings.  The tree dated back to at least 1157 A.D.  It is amazing to think of all to which that tree had stood as a silent sentry.  I truly felt privileged to stand in that forest.   

We got to see some truly incredible sunsets while on vacation.  One sunset I finally got to see a phenomenon that I have heard about for several years.  It has always eluded me until this trip.  I finally got to see the infamous green flash at sunset.  Bill is used to seeing them, but since the conditions have to be exact and it only lasts a second, I always miss it. 
On the evening I got to see the sunset, my sweet baboo had taken me to dinner at the Sea Ranch Lodge, which is on the edge of the Pacific Ocean.  It was sunset and he told me we needed to watch for the green flash.  Suddenly, several people in the restaurant were also watching for the flash.  We all got excited because we all got to see it.  It was pretty special.  If you are curious, definitely Google green flash at sunset.  Some people have actually captured it on film.  It is pretty cool.
The Sea Ranch is famous for its unique architecture.  The houses are natural looking and blend into the landscape.  The structure below is the chapel.  To me, it looks like an upside down hollyhock.  It is beautiful on the inside, as well, with light pouring in through the stain glass windows.  The light breaks up on the floor of the chapel.  The chapel is small, with a maximum capacity of around 15 people.  It is a very peaceful, meditative space. 

The Sonoma/Mendocino Coast is really spectacular.  I am happy we got to see a lot of natural beauty and take our time in a natural setting.  I feel the redwood trees calling me back already...

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Back From Vacay!

We just got back this evening from a beautiful, relaxing nine days of vacation up on the Sonoma/Mendocino Coast.  A few years ago, someone I worked with shared that there is a great community up there called Sea Ranch where you can rent a vacation home and relax.  They are super dog friendly up there and Liesl is a big part of our vacations, so we have been planning this for months.  Liesl LOVES vacations and is a great, seasoned traveler.  We actually have to pack on the down low, because she gets super excited and then gets herself worried that we will leave without her.
Our trip north took us through San Francisco, about 2 1/2 hours north of us.  I have been blessed to travel across the Golden Gate Bridge a number of times in the past 40 years, but I am still in awe every time.  The bridge is a art deco, engineering marvel. 
Sea Ranch is a truly beautiful and special place on the rugged California Coast.  We have been unplugged this week from computers and television, with the exception of the Big Bang Theory season premiere.   We have taken lots of beach walks, had fabulous meals both in restaurants and cooked at home, read books, did jigsaw puzzles, gave Liesl lots of attention,  and overall just rested.  I read four books during the week. 
In the next few days I would love to share some of the cool things I have come across on our travels.   (Sea Ranch even has a craft store!  I was so surprised that in such a remote location, that there was a nice little craft store.) 
I am off to dreamland to prepare to ease into the world of work.   

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Blue Ribbon

The Autumn Quaker is complete!  My sweet baboo made the frame and survived the first fair season!  I entered two pieces in the Monterey County fair this year.  I will take a picture of the second piece when I get it back this week.  Date night was at the fair last night.  Autumn Quaker won a blue ribbon and the second piece garnered an Honorable Mention.  Looking at the results was our first stop at the fair. 
The next stop was fair food!  We both have been one a pretty strict diet.  Bill started a few months before me and has lost about 35 pounds.  I am losing more inches than pounds but I am feeling great.  We saved up our cheat meal for the fair and enjoyed some yummy treats!  Next was the Tower of Power concert, which was awesome!  My ears are still ringing today but they really put on a great show.  
We did not get to walk much around the fair like I usually do.  I was pretty tired from a long week at work, so we hung around the Home Arts area the most.  Sadly, the cross stitch and quilt entries continue to dwindle.  There really needs to be a concerted community call to action to encourage people to enter in all categories.  The three pieces which won Best of Show in their respective categories were amazing and truly deserving of their accolades. 
I am hopeful that you got to see the PBS showing of BBC's Big Blue Live from Monterey this week.  It has been a big deal here.  I was so impressed to see how BBC really captured this beautiful place that I am so blessed to call home.  I get to see the beautiful Monterey Bay out of my window every day and I am so grateful.  The walks that we get to take include seeing otters, sea lions, whales, dolphins and lots of sea life and sea birds.  I love this place and I am so happy that the BBC shared it with the world.  So if you get the chance to see it again on PBS, I think you will really enjoy it.
Well, my glamorous life continues as  we begin a three day journey of cleaning out the out of control garage!  Hope you have a great holiday weekend!