Monday, December 1, 2008

I Love Stitching And All, But...

About a month ago I saw a blog that had a stitcher holding up her finished project. It was a huge stitched version of the Sistine Chapel. It was absolutely stunning. She is a much better woman than I.

I love big projects. I really do. I have stitched three L&L angels, a huge Permin sampler, the Celtic Sampler, as well as several other large pieces. In fact, I favor big projects. However, these projects pale in comparison, size-wise. The finished Sistine Chapel is about the size of my fireplace. Wow!

Fast forward to tonight. I was fiddling around on Nordic Needle and saw the Sistine Chapel on sale. The regular price was $645 but it was on sale for $451. I was telling my hubby that it must be some kind of kit. But no, I was mistaken. That was just for the pattern. Holy moley! I am just wondering where and how you find a piece of fabric that size. It boggles my mind.

Evidently, I was not feeling it for doing my last homework assignment tonight. I sat down and could not bring myself to review a case and start writing a brief. The dog was cuddling on the sofa with us, so I just wanted to sit and relax with the mister and our furgirl. I ended up fussing around on the laptop looking at cross stitch. Most productive. LOL


Suzanne said...

can you imagine what a piece of linen for that chart would cost?! if you could even afford the chart to start with! OMG!


Patti said...

Hi Suzanne!

I agree. I was most shocked to see that it was actually 34 patterns for that price. When I went back to look at it again, it does appear that they have it on CD for $49.99.

I would think the linen would have to be special ordered. But the price, OMG!

I applaud the commitment of anyone who stitches this. It must be incredible in person.

DH wondered if we had wall space big enough to hang such a thing. LOL