Friday, November 6, 2009

Wild Week

I know I promised that I would be returning to stitching related stuff, but the week got the best of me. I had a rather large project for my class, plus it is the first couple weeks of the month, which is go time for us accountants. I have been up to my elbows in alligators. Unfortunately, it does not look like things will slow down until after next week. My stitching calls, but unfortunately, I can't answer. LOL

I am starting to think about planning my projects in 2010. I would like to work on more smalls or decorative items. This came about from stitching my tea cosy. I usually work on BAP's but now I am thinking about more embellishment work. We will see how it goes.
Since my post about the amount of death and sadness I have seen in the past year, I have been thinking about all of the amazing blessings in my life. My beautiful family, my amazing friends, my sweet little dog, a job that I am in love with, health, hobbies, and God's presence in my life. I feel so fortunate, even with some of the sadness I am feeling.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Lizy said...

I hope you feel better next week and you will start stitching soon Lizette

Anonymous said...

Hope your feeling better. So cool to meet another Schnauzer stitcher. I have a 9 year old named, Sam, recently diagnosed with diabities so we are having some chalenges, I will be back to your blog