Sunday, October 19, 2014

Ah, A Cozy Evening!

It seems that this has been an extremely busy year here at the cozy cottage.  There are many "have to do's" that are taking time away from the "want to do's".  I guess that life is like that some times, and I should be grateful that I have the ability to take care of a lot of work and school items.  It is taking time from stitching at this point, until today.  My sweetheart went on an overnight trip with his son yesterday, so I cleaned the house top to bottom, then studied and did homework until late last night.  I got a lot done, which feels great.  This morning, I got up early, did laundry then sat down to watch my favorite race of the whole year, Talledega.  I even got to stitch.  Liesl settled into the sofa next to me.  It was perfection.
Bill got back home this afternoon, and wanted to watch the 49er game at 5:30, so we went to pick up a pizza and came home.  I realized how perfect and cozy the moment was sitting together, relaxing, eating pizza, with our little family together.  It was one of those perfect moments where I was filled with gratitude of the peace of the moment.  Everyone back home and together.
I did get a new toy a couple of months ago.   For our anniversary, in addition to some lovely jewelry, I received an ice cream maker accessory for my KitchenAid, in addition to some mixes from Williams Sonoma.  I have been making homemade ice cream, one to two times a month.  I like that I can walk away from it and it just does its thing,  It is a great tool.
While I have not been able to do big stretches on my cross stitch, I do get to put a few stitches in here and there.  I love the peaceful feeling of stitching.  I even love the sound the floss makes as it works through the fabric.  I feel blessed that I get to enjoy this craft.
So that is about it for now.  I hope that you, too, are enjoying a life that is peaceful and cozy.

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