Sunday, February 1, 2015

What A Lovely Weekend!

This ended up being such a lovely weekend.  Usually on Friday nights we take Liesl with us and go to a local dog friendly restaurant and then for a walk.  I still have the most ugly sounding cough from my bout with bronchitis, but thought I would go anyway this past Friday night.  I had worked some long hours last week trying to make a pretty serious deadline and thankfully was successful, so I needed to get out and get some fresh air.  Towards the end of dinner though I just looked at my poor sweet baboo and said, "I am so sorry but I feel terrible and just need to go home."  He is such a super sweet guy, we went straight home and he tucked me in on the sofa with a hot pack and the TV remote. 
I woke up yesterday feeling a bit better but decided I should just stay in for the day.  I got my stitchy stuff and looked at my Netflix queue.  I watched one movie, then decided to watch the Ken Burn's National Park series, which is so amazing.  I got through a couple two hour episodes and have four more to look forward to.  It is such a beautifully done series.
The United States has amazing national parks.  I made my first trips to Yosemite last year and fell in love.  There are no words to describe the sheer majesty, beauty and grandeur of Yosemite.  You just have to experience it.  I remember starting to cry from being overwhelmed by it when I first saw the Yosemite Valley laid out before me.   There are so many that we would like to RV to now, including the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone.  The Ken Burn's series  truly captures so much of the beauty and the history of what it took to preserve the amazing places.  Thank goodness, there was so much foresight and hard work to save these sacred places. 
For Christmas I bought Bill a really cool cookbook.  He is a great cook and loves Trader Joe's, so I bought him a great cookbook called, "Cooking With All Things Trader Joe's."  Here is a link at Amazon Cooking With All Things Trader Joe's  We knew we were heading to Trader Joe's after church so he could get his Superbowl snacks, so he grabbed his cookbook as we left the house.  I started paging through it as he was driving and saw that it had really great recipes!  I picked up some great items to make some of the meals in this book and I am super excited.  Tonight I make the creamy lemon linguine and it was awesome!  It tasted very rich and yummy.  Best of all, it took about fifteen minutes to make!
So I am so grateful that I had a weekend at home.  Bill is happy he got to watch the Superbowl and putter in the garden.  Liesl got lots of cuddles and kissies, and napped happily with her people at home.  It is such a blessing to have a happy home, filled with love, laughter, joy and peace.  I am truly grateful for all of these blessings.  There is no place like home.

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