Sunday, March 22, 2015

Checking In

It is so good to be home!  I had to go to Pasadena for training this week.  It was really good training and I am so glad I went.  However, I missed my little family at home so much.  My sweet Bill is a very nurturing person and had packed little baggies of my vitamins and snacks for me for while I was out of town.   He promised to be an extra good puppy daddy to Liesl while I was gone, too.   It made me miss him even more when I opened my little baggies of vitamins.  (I can only take chewables.)  So I missed everyone terribly and got home as fast as I could.  I had been staying in a really nice hotel, but it was so nice to be in my own bed, drinking out of my coffee mug, and putting kissies on the top of Liesl's sweet little head. 
I actually drove to Pasadena, which was quite peaceful because I had a stack of Garrison Keillor CDs with me.  I love Garrison Keillor and how he tells his stories.  His voice is so peaceful and his stories speak with nostalgia of a time we knew a long time ago.  It was a peaceful way to spend a five hour drive. 
So it has been a wonderful weekend with my Liesl and Bill.  It has been so nice to be home and digest some of the things I have learned this week.  I feel so completely grateful that I get to do interesting work but that this best part of my life is coming home.  It is where I feel so peaceful, joyful, enriched and happy.  As I sit here, Bill is reading his book and Liesl is sleeping peacefully at my feet.  It rained today and the air smells fresh.  Bill cooked a healthy, delicious dinner.  I feel that being home this weekend has fed my spirit and helps me to go out into the world a better person so that I may serve others.  It really is true that there is no place like home!

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