Friday, July 3, 2015

A Wonderful Day!

Today was such a beautiful day.  The weather was just gorgeous.  We both had the day off today, since the holiday falls on a Saturday.  It was great having a Friday off.  It was like having a little bonus day.  The original plan was to do some yard work, but we ended up having one of those days of just living in the moment.  It was beautiful.
We decided to drive out to Carmel Valley, about a half hour drive from us.  There is an absolutely beautiful regional park there that covers about 4,500 acres.  We all needed a nice walk, and Liesl was thrilled once we got there.  This park is on the same route as Liesl's v-e-t, so she was a bit anxious until we got out of the car and she got to trot through the park.  She had her happy walk going which made us happy to see. 
Afterward, we stopped at our very favorite nursery.  They have amazing plants and are always an inspiration.  While I like to putter in the garden, my sweet Bill loves to garden.  He has a special talent with begonias.  He has a couple that are in our yard that are huge.  Here is one that he has been growing for the past few years:
The nursery had the most breathtaking begonias today.  I wanted to make sure that Bill got some new ones for his collection.  He picked out a couple which are lovely:

As you can see the blooms are as big as my hand.  The one below is a little smaller but so pretty:
We had a fun time buying new seeds, and Bill was happy with his new pretties.
We also had a little stop at our favorite wine shop and then the grocery store for barbecue yummies for the weekend.  By the time we got home, it was naps for all.  (I absolutely swear by naps and always have!)
So we are ready for the celebration this weekend.  Have a wonderful and safe Independence Day!  And remember being safe means wearing lots of sunscreen!


Robin said...

What gorgeous begonias! Enjoy your 4th!

Robin in Virginia

sunny said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! Those begonias are awesome.