Sunday, March 4, 2018

Birthday Fun!

A couple of weeks ago I celebrated my 55th birthday.  Wow, that got here fast!  I still feel like I am in my thirties, so it seems very abstract in a way to be 55.  I feel great joy and have learned a lot in the past 55 years.  I walk in gratitude for my life experiences, which have been pretty cool and varied, and I am still excited about what else lies ahead.  I have been very blessed.  

Several years ago, I read that your birthday is a magical day and is a day for you to project what you want in the year ahead.  Birthday wishes take on greater importance with this knowledge.  As a result, I do not believe in working on my birthday and will only do things that I absolutely enjoy.  I eat my favorite foods and go to my favorite places.  I fill my day with happiness so that I will have happiness for the next year.

This year for my big birthday, I got whisked away for the weekend to my favorite place on the Redwood Coast of California.  This is the place where my soul feels at home and where I feel really happy and centered.
 My favorite breakfast spot there is a vegetarian type restaurant, which overlooks where the Gualala River meets the Pacific Ocean. (above)  While we were there, I noticed a huge bird sitting on this bare tree.  (He is right in the center of the photo below.)  I noticed that he had a white head and white tail feathers.  I said out loud, "Oh my goodness, is that a Bald Eagle?!"  It turns out that there is a nesting pair of bald eagles in the area.  It turns out that they hunt salmon where the river meets the ocean.  I even saw one on the beach one of the days.  It was miraculous to see one in person.  The Native Americans hold eagles in high regard, and believe that since they fly higher than any other bird, that they are special messengers who carry our prayers to God.  I felt really lucky to see one.

The skies were pretty gray and stormy during our weekend. ( Liesl thinks we should go to the beach anyway.)  Liesl always seems to know when it is my special day.  She is a very affectionate dog, loves to be petted and kissed on her head, but does not cuddle nor sit on laps.  I respect that this is who she is and accept it.  On my birthday, we were sitting in front of the fireplace in a stormy evening.  All of the sudden, she decided to cuddle and put her head on my lap and just snuggled up.  It was a beautiful and perfect birthday gift.  She cuddled for a long time and I enjoyed every moment of it, not wanting to move or for it to end.  She just knows stuff.
I have stitched for a few minutes here and there.  I am coming along on my dishtowel.  I really enjoy this project.  It is making me hungry.  LOL  It is really a fun stitch.  
Well, it is past my bedtime and Miss Liesl is awaiting her turn down service with cookie.  LOL

Make it a great week!


Marilyn said...

Happy belated Birthday!
It sounds like you had a great time.
Time away is always fun!
Liesl is too cute.

Christine said...

I love going to Gualala when the central valley hits 100 degrees for more then a few days. Great places to walk and just relax! Happy Belated Birthday!

Patti said...

Thank you, Marilyn!

Patti said...

Hi Christina,

I agree that Sea Ranch/Gualala is a great place to relax! I just love it there.