Sunday, October 27, 2013

Say Cheese!!!

Once a month my beloved and I have dinner with two other couples from church.  We take turns at each other's homes, which is just lovely.  It is cozy and we just get to relax and talk over a scrumptious dinner.  Last week, one of the couples brought a cheese platter.  My friend encouraged me to try this cheese.  Without telling me what it was, she asked me if I liked it and if I could discern what the extra flavor was.  I could not, but when she told me, my mind was blown!  Then when she told me it was from Trader Joe's, my sweetie and I started planning a trip to TJ's.  

This cheese is amazing!  It is not at all what you expect.  The chocolate almost tastes smokey in the cheese.  It is so good and rich.  Is there anything else that could make it better?  Perhaps bacon.  But bacon makes pretty much anything better.  So today when we were over at TJ's picking up yet another block of this cheese, my beloved suggested that I get a block of the white cheddar with bacon and we could have the two cheeses together as a snack with some wine.  Is he awesome or what?

It has been so cold here today.  I have been blasting the heat and preparing for a long winter.  It is supposed to rain here hard in December and January, which is good because we really need it.  I am ready to have a cozy winter.  We are trying to beat the rain and putting in grass for Liesl in the back yard so that she has an even better paradise.  Liesl loves her yard and now that I have been here a couple of years, it is time to make it even better.

Well, I am off to get ready for the work week and do my homework for my class.  I wish you all a beautiful week full of joy!


Miss LindaLee said...

I'm going to take a look at our TJ's here to check out the cheeses for sure. What's neat is that the store is in a bookstore also! We enjoy cheese also and a new kind is always fun to try.

Lisa Sener said...


So glad you are back...glad everything is going well with your for a trip to Trader Joes!

Jeanne said...

Glad to see you back posting Patti, we have missed you and Liesl. Happy things are going well at the Cozy Cottage!