Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Very Quiet Day

Today was really peaceful.  Which was perfect.  With a capital P.  We have been working some serious overtime so it was overdue.  We had a really perfect Valentine's Day.  I received some pretty red roses, some milk chocolate hearts from See's, several cards and got taken to dinner.  It was so nice to just talk about fun things. It was just perfect. 
Today was nice and quiet.  We have both been overly exhausted and my sweet baboo has a bad cold still, so we both decided that given that it was just a gnarly, gray day outside that we would relax and watch documentaries.  We had grand plans of doing some home maintenance today, but it was more important to rest.  We were both just out of gas. I ended up taking a really long nap.  Liesl was just happy to have her people home all day and just snoozed the day away, too. 
It was nice and quiet so I started thinking about my stitching and went through all of my patterns.  My goodness, my tastes have changed.  I think that I shall have to put some of my old patterns for sale.  They are nice patterns but just things that I would not stitch anymore.  Tastes change over time.  So I am going to have to figure out the best way to do that so that someone else can enjoy stitching something that will otherwise just sit in my file box untouched. 
So I did a little online retail therapy to pick up a few things from 123stitch.  I can not believe how much her site has grown, but I find that she really has the best prices, best selection and best service.  I also did a little research looking for a new really good doggie bed for Liesl.  Liesl loves to stretch out so I tend to buy her golden retriever sized beds, even though she is less than 25 lb.  I am looking for a memory foam one because she loves to lay on my memory foam bathroom rug.  Plus all of the reviews that I read said that memory foam is better for their joints.  All of the big mattress companies like Serta and Simmons are now in the dog bed business and the prices are not cheap (some are as high as $300! Yikes!)  But then again vet visits are not cheap either and I am trying to think prevention wise. 
So I have out my stitching and think I will go stitch for a while.  My honey is sound asleep and Liesl marched off to bed.  I have some Starbuck's hot cocoa mix and think I will have a cup of cocoa and listen to the silence while I stitch.  I wish I had some doggie company but during the winter Liesl makes sure she goes to her bed around 7:30 - 8pm.  She is hibernating. 
Hope that you are having a cozy and quiet evening, too.

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Anna van Schurman said...

You're lucky your dog just lays on your memory foam rug--ours prefers our memory foam bed! (She's not allowed to sleep with us, but she gets on it every chance she has! LOL) I keep trying to convince my husband we should spring for a memory foam dog bed, but he's not buying it.