Saturday, February 8, 2014

Rainy Day

Thankfully, after a very long dry winter, the rain finally came to California.  Winter is our rainy season.  My sweetheart has weeklong passes for us to go to the AT&T in Pebble Beach, but rain and wind has suspended play several times.  Plus, I am getting over a bad cold and Sweetheart is starting his.  So it is best that we stay inside, warm and dry.  So no hobnobbing with pro golfers and celebrities for us today. 
While Sweetheart was disappointed about missing the golf tournament, it actually worked out.  We both have been working some really long hard hours.  His patient load has been growing, and he is deeply committed to caring for them.  My work has had me working some really long hours, skipping lunch breaks and bringing a lot of work home.  However, what keeps me going is that my employers thank me for my hard work and long hours and tell me that they appreciate what I do.  There are so many still who are out there unemployed or underemployed, so I truly grateful to have a job.  I am especially fortunate to work for such truly good people and do really interesting work. 
In general, I find myself feeling deeply grateful for all of the blessings in my life.  Liesl continues to be a little marvel and brings both of us such joy.  I am grateful for employment.  I am grateful for family and friends.  I am grateful for the rain and that I have shelter from it. I feel truly blessed and grateful that God gave me true love in the form of a really wonderful partner this past year.  He is such a beautiful and kind human being and the calmest person I have ever known.  Nothing phases him, so he brings calm and serenity into my life. 
I am hoping to cut out a baby quilt tomorrow if all goes well.  Sweetheart is about to become a grandfather for the first time, of a little baby girl.  To this I say, "Let the pink begin!"  We have known for several months now and look for the arrival of the little one.  I see some serious spoiling in the near future.  I have bought the fabric, picked out a pattern and now just need the time in my craft room to work on it.  Time is pretty precious these days.
I am trying to find my stitching mojo again, too.  It has been a while and I just can't seem to get started.  I want to make a Christmas stocking for the little one who is coming, but that may have to wait a while.  I think I have to try stitching something small and work my way back up. I really need to feel creative again.  Baby steps...


Anonymous said...

Hope you will be feeling great soon and your sweetie also. It sounds like alot of blessing have come your way. That is so great Have a great day.

Vicky said...

When my stitching mojo goes I always start back with looking through magazines and beginning a small project.
Hope you all feel better soon.