Sunday, May 18, 2014

Where Did The Weekend Go?

I have been thinking about stitching again a lot lately.  Even though I am way beyond S.A.B.L.E. status, I am thinking about buying a gorgeous sampler, with all of the threads, of course.  I am in the process of finishing up a class that I am not really enjoying (there seems to be too much "busy work").  I am thinking that as soon as it is over, I will be all ready for stitchy-palooza.  I really am looking forward to having a needle and thread in my hands again. 
I am a bit sad about how fast this weekend went.  I had grand plans of all the things that I wanted/needed to get done this weekend.  However, we were dog tired.  I was so fried and stressed on Friday and was threatening that my head was probably gonna explode from my headache.  I walked in the house to the smell of homemade brownies baking, was immediately handed a beer and had a very handsome man telling me that he was putting a you-bake pizza in the oven.  I got lots of puppy kissies from Liesl then headed to change into my softest, comfiest jammies. I was still exhausted and in those same jammies through most of Saturday.  I was just too tired to get anything done.
Today was nice though.  We went to church, then had brunch with my bestest friend and her hubby.  It was wonderful to have a leisurely talk and eat some yummy food. 
I had to work on some clean up of my craft room today.  I really need to do an overhaul on the organization system in there so get the best space utilization.  So I have to do a little shopping on the internet, darn the luck.  I really would like to spend a bit more time in there and really just need to organize it better.
Well, off to bed and get ready for the week ahead!


rosek1870 said...

Please get back to stitching! It is the only thing that helps my stress and keeps the old blood pressure down! It will help a lot. So glad all is good on the home front. Sounds like your precious fur baby is doing well.

Von said...

Weekends always get away from me. I start with ideas of getting in some good chunks of stitching time, and yet it never works out that way. :(