Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

First and foremost, today we humbly pay our respect today to those who went off to all corners of the world in service to our country, but did not get to come home.  There are so many in our country's history to whom we owe our deepest respect and gratitude.  While this is a holiday in the United States, it is one that is most solemn.  We pray for the safety of all who serve and that all they be returned safely to their families. 
I think that a holiday like this one reminds us of how precious every moment is with our loved ones.  I was particularly aware of my gratitude for those I love this weekend.  I felt totally present as I walked through the specialness of every moment.
I am just about finished with this class I am taking right now.  I am looking forward to getting back to doing the things I love to do. On Saturday, I did a little shopping on and bought this:  The threads were so gorgeous that I had to have them, too, and the set was less expensive than if I bought them individually.  I have not bought cross stitch in so long.  So I really looking forward to starting it.  I am looking forward to getting back to doing the things I love.
Yesterday, I had a fun day cooking.  I made a pan of Ina Garten's Rosemary Polenta, which is just so yummy.  I served it with dinner and it was just so delicious.  I could eat a whole pan of that all by myself.  I paged through a couple of her cookbooks while I had them out and there were just so many delicious recipes.  I like that she cooks real food and does not have recipes with odd ingredients that I have to go on a treasure hunt for all over town. 
Today we worked on the front yard.  It looks so much better.  Luckily, it was kind of cool and breezy today, one of the benefits of living on the coast.  So it was a good day to trim the  bushes down.  I had to do foxtail removal, too, because the front yard was starting to look like a vacant lot.  We filled a whole yard waste can and have a plan for next week.  My body is aching like nobody's business, but I am trying to play it off like I am all cool with my honey.  I think the loud groaning when I stand up from sitting may be tipping him off though.
In addition to my cross stitch purchase this weekend, I was excited to see that Amazon was running a special on certain magazine subscriptions for Kindle for the weekend.  After reading all of the teeny tiny print (I'm an accountant, I just can't help it) I ordered an annual Kindle subscription of Better Homes and Gardens and Eating Well for $5 each.  We both love BH&G but after we are done with it, I never know what to do with the issues.  I feel badly just throwing them out, so they just hang around for way too long until I finally just put them in the recycling.  So I am really happy about the Kindle version, plus it holds my place where I stopped reading. 
So it was a really good weekend and I am just so grateful that I got to spend it with the ones I love.

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stitchinrose said...

Just a thought you can donate old magazines to libraries, they usually will either give them away or sell them during the book sale event. You can contact them for more information. The other place is senior homes, I have done this with cross stitch magazines and they love them.