Friday, September 11, 2009


Methinks I have selected my project for vacation. It is my Victoria Sampler Tea Cozy. I am ordering my fabric this weekend. (28ct, thank goodness!) I am looking forward to doing some of the crewel stitches on the vine. It also has some ribbon embroidery. It is a smorgasboard of stitching!

I was having a really good day, but my afternoon did not go so well. I got a text message from Bob this afternoon saying that Liesl had hurt her front paw and was in total pain so he was taking her in to the vet. They could not figure out what was wrong, so they gave her a painkiller/anti-inflammatory shot. She has been acting normal this evening, but we are not sure what will happen when the medicine wears off. I am hoping she sleeps because I came home with a little bug. I have had a fever all evening. Tomorrow will be better.

I got my Nordic Needle catalog in the mail today. I am going to look at it cover to cover tonight. I love their catalog. It makes me want to do more hardanger. Some of the pieces are so delicate and so amazing. It is as much to look at stitching as it is to stitch!

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