Monday, September 21, 2009

Road Tasting...

Yesterday, we decided to go off on an adventure up to the Santa Cruz area. I was totally wanting some Cheesy Bavarian sausages. There is a place up in Corralitos that makes sausages that make your mouth water just to think about them. We go up there every once in a while to stock the fridge. We got there pretty close to closing yesterday, and the place was just packed.

We had been very worried about the folks who work there, because a couple of months ago, this little town was right in the path of the Lockheed Fire. The firefighters here have been so busy the last couple of years and we are so grateful for them.

One of the items that I got to pick up at the market was a genuine Gizdich Ranch Olallieberry Pie. OMG! Olallieberries are incredible and grow here on the Central Coast. Gizdich Ranch is famous for growing them on their U-pick farm. The olallieberry is a cross between a blackberry and a huckleberry. Nothing in the world tastes like them. Don't tell anyone, but I had a slice for dinner. Yum!

Okay, I know what you are thinking-That is one big artichoke! This is Giant Artichoke in Castroville, home of deep-fried artichoke hearts. If you have had an artichoke recently, chances are it came from Castroville. Deep friend artichoke hearts are just about one of the tastiest things you can eat. They are served with mayonnaise, in case the frying does not provide enough fat for you. LOL If you make it to the Monterey Peninsula, do yourself a huge favor and try these delicacies.

All this talk of food is making me hungry...

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