Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oh My Goodness!

Shakespeare's Fairies - Cross Stitch Pattern

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Have you seen this! Wow! I am not much of a fan of fairies, but this one is just darling. Nora Corbett does a really nice job on fairies, particularly her flower fairies. I may have to get the Shakespeare's Fairies. The colors are just lovely and it seems like the picture just moves.

My boss is getting new furniture tomorrow, so I got her big set up in my office today. I am thrilled. My office looks totally different now. I was thinking that I would like to stitch something colorful for my office. I will have to go through my patterns this weekend, unless, of course, an ONS is having a get down sale and the fairy picture makes it into my shopping cart. LOL. I wish I could totally express how happy I am about this new set up. I am looking forward to decorating my new space!

I think I have figured out my schedule now for my class assignments, etc. It was a bit overwhelming at first, and this weekend had me wondering if I would be able to pick up a needle and thread before Christmas. But all is well and not to worry. I think I have worked out my balancing act. Thank goodness. I have missed my stitching over the past week. Life is good!

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