Sunday, June 1, 2014

Wow! Whatta Weekend!

What great weekend!  Although I must admit, I am totally exhausted. Yesterday the sod went in, finally, into the backyard.  I have been thinking about it, talking about it, dreaming about for two and a half years since I bought the house.  Last week, my sweet baboo said that he got the quote, and made the appointment for the landscaper to come.  It was just the kick start that I finally needed.  Prior to this, the groundcover was mulch and we were getting splinters, Liesl included.  Yesterday, we got an instant change.  It was so worth it!  There had also been a really ugly stump that stood about 3-4 feet high and had grass growing out of it.  It was hideous.  The landscaper had it dug out in about twenty minutes.  The yard looks amazing.  I think we will be spending lots of time in it. 
Liesl loves her yard and keeps deer hopping out into it.  This afternoon, she ran and chased her ball and just looked so happy.  When she was done chasing her ball and her parents, she laid down in the grass and savored the moment.  We also sat down in the grass, thinking that we had done that so easily when we were kids.  But then you grow up and worry about your pants getting dirty.  What a shame.  My sweet baboo then laid down in the grass for a while and watched the sky.  It was a happy afternoon.  Next week the raised bed boxes go it for veggies. (I love to grow tomatoes!)
We had to order two pallets of sod, which we needed to help carry from the driveway to the backyard.  Don't let anyone tell you any differently-sod is HEAVY!  One roll was probably over 30 pounds.  My muscles are aching.  We could barely move last evening and have been exhausted. 
I ended up making some snickerdoodles for my honey today.  He got up yesterday morning at six am to make sure that we got our two pallets of grass ordered and on the truck.  He was such a sweetheart to make it all happen so I wanted to do something nice for him.  He loves cinnamon, so he is super happy that he has 4 1/2 dozen cookies all for himself.  
While we were unloaded the truck yesterday, the postman showed up with my order from 123stitch.  I can not wait to get started.  The colors of the Valdani threads are so beautiful and so rich.
In addition to my Autumn Samper, I also ordered the pattern and fabric to make ornaments for Christmas.  I have wanted this one for a while.  It is nice and simple.  I am hoping to get started on ornaments early this years so I am not in last minute crisis mode.  

Well, I am off to get some rest.  Tomorrow is the first workday of the month, so it is time for accounting fun at work.  Have a great week!


phylis said...

I am so happy for you,however I miss your nearly daily posts. I am thrilled when I see you have posted.I can't imagine taking on that large sampler project.I have the small pattern and haven't even done it.Take care and your yard looks beautiful.P.S. I love hearing about your stitching.

Von said...

Sod is heavy! Not that I've been laying any lately, but i have been taking out wheelbarrows of dirt and it's amazing how heavy a few shovels full of dirt can be.