Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

I am happy to say that I have actually gotten a little stitching done lately.  I am almost done with this first motif for my Autumn Quaker.  I am so loving the colors and stitching with the Valdani floss.  It is great to be stitching again although it is just in small bits since life is a bit hectic.
We had a super great weekend.  Just in time for summer, the barbecue is now ready and in the yard.  My sweet baboo has been looking at the reviews, shopping, online shopping, etc., for months trying to find just the right one.   After much deliberation and consideration, a copper colored Weber Spirit is the new addition.  He has now cooked the last two nights' dinners and they have been stellar!
 We had a pretty nice Father's Day around the cozy cottage.  Liesl had me pick out a Happy Father's Day from the Dog card (available at Target) for her awesome puppy daddy.  He is a so good to her and sometimes I think spoils her more than I do, if such a thing is possible.  She also got him a book he has been wanting.  A couple of days ago, one of his patients brought him two flats of fresh strawberries (our area is one of the state's top growing areas for strawberries.) He shared one flat with the office, and brought the other flat home.  We shared a couple of quarts with our two favorite neighbors and still had six quarts left.  He mentioned earlier that he would love to have strawberry shortcake.  So this afternoon, I made a quick shortcake and surprised him for dessert, with fresh whipped cream.  He was super happy and said it was the best Father's Day gift he could have asked for. :)  I also have several bags of hulled strawberries in the freezer, ready for more treats! 
We are continuing to work on the yard and make it into a nice little retreat.  Liesl so loves her grassy yard now.  I looked out the window the other day, and she was just laying down in the grass, smiling and surveying her queendom.  For some reason, she has been taking her two favorite stuffies out in the yard with her in the morning.  She will get Ladybug and Lampchop, and put them on the lawn.  We have to rescue them in the evening.  This is a new behavior, so I am wondering why she does it all of the sudden.  I guess she wants her friends with her.  In any case, we have found several gorgeous rose bushes, which I am so thrilled with.  My favorite is Mr. Lincoln.  It is the most beautiful color, almost velvety and has the most amazing fragrance.  If you can find one of these, I highly recommend it!  PS: the photo does not do it justice.
I had forgotten how hard yard work can be, and I will share that as a result of unloading the truck of fifty pound bags of top soil and doing several tasks in the yard, we both have the Frankenstein walk going on.  So sad, LOL. 
So now it is quiet, with only the ticking of the clock.  The weather is very cool.   Bill is reading his book and drinking a cup of hot cocoa, Liesl is snoozing on the sofa between us.  It is a very cozy evening in the cozy cottage.  I wish I could keep a snapshot of this moment because it is so very lovely.  Priceless and such a blessing.
Wishing you many blessings in the week ahead.


Anonymous said...

Sounds liking things are going heavenly. The world sound good Have a great week

Von said...

I'm all too familiar with that Frankenstein walk, lol!

Ozgur said...

I am starting quakers series from rosewood Manor. What was your fabric choice for this piece? It will me the first tine for me to use valdani threads. How was the coverage on your fabric? I see your stitching very nice. Thanks