Monday, July 14, 2008

Stitching under stress

I am almost finished with my Toccata Sampler. It has been a fun and quick stitch. It looks quite nice. The part that I am stuck on are the five motifs that are actually pulled thread work. It is alot harder than it looks, but really leaves a beautiful result, based on what I have seen on the internet. I have been doing a little research on it just to see what the end result should look like. I was afraid at first that the pulling of the threads would result in buckling of the other motifs. This was not the case, yay!

We are in wait and see mode right now since the Basin Complex fire is so close. We are not getting to far away from home just in case the need arises for us to evacuate. Several friends are in the mandatory evacuation zone just a few miles away. I have been grateful for my stitching to keep my mind and hands busy.

We really appreciate the hard work of the firefighters who represent 41 states and several countries and are holding them in our prayers.

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