Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Sprint to the Finish

Well, I can always tell when the fair entry deadline is coming up quickly. It becomes a sprint to get everything finished, sewn, framed, etc. Saturday is the big day and so Bob promises to keep his calendar clear as we will be pinning needlework to foam core board in preparation. Dinner will be from the crockpot so that the evening is free. This also explains why I have not posted much recently. I am bent over in my chair under an Ott-Lite with a needle and thread pretty much from the time I get home from work to when I lay my head on my pillow.

I am pretty happy with my stocking finish. This is an OOP pattern by Barbara Baatz. It had a gazillion color changes and took several years to complete. It is so beautiful and bright. Now I have to finish my hardanger piece. I got the backing sewn on tonight so tomorrow I just have to sew the dowel in.

Good luck to all who are entering fairs this year. I am hearing that fairs are experiencing tremendous financial pressures and low attendance this year. It is a mainstay of summer life in this country so it is important that we support them!


Debbie said...

I LOVE the Nutcracker Stocking, it is gorgeous!

Jen S. said...

You did a beautiful job of stitching the Nutcracker Stocking. I've been searching for the patter for quite some time. Are you interested in selling it?
Email me at