Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Busy, busy...

Wow! The last two days have flown by. I had all of these plans to work on my Chrismons and my "J." Life just got heaped on. Last night was chorus so it was a late night. We were out a little early so my first thought was, "Awesome! I have a few extra minutes to stitch. By the time I got home it was still after 10 and I was ready to hit the hay!

Today was very busy. I had a meeting at church regarding the upcoming holidays. I need to get a piece written on the symbolism of the Chrismons that I made. I think this is a very cool project because it will help members of our congregation understand some of the pieces.

I also had to go to the class meeting for my 8 week online course tonight. I am looking forward to this class, but there is really a lot of homework and projects. I really love school. I know that online courses are not for everyone, but I really like them. I just have to make sure I keep tabs on my calendar and stay organized. I also like the online course because I am a visual learner, so I am able to keep myself on track.

I am really inspired now that the angels are framed. I have several other items in a box that are finished but unframed. Now I am thinking that I can start making sure that these pieces have a new life outside of the box. When I think of how long I denied myself looking at those beautiful angels, I just get sad. The angels are bringing me so much joy, and there are so many other pieces that could be doing the same. What a crime. So now it is my goal to clean out that box before the end of the year.

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