Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This Week Is A Wild Ride

Whadda week. I am on the last two days of my two week notice of my old job while working simultaneously at my new job. It is a wee bit stressful to ramp up on one job and closing out another, making notes for the next person. On top of it all, I have developed a bad cold. Drag.

I have started the Lori Birmingham basket topper. It is really pretty, worked in overdyes. What I did not realize until I opened the package is that there is also a pattern and all the fixins for a matching hardanger doily. How cool is that. I love doing hardanger. Once I got over my fear of cutting, I was set to jet! I learned how to carefully cut the threads by Lori B. herself. She taught me to count the threads and then count them again on my scissor before I made a cut. It is actually really easy once you do it. Hardanger actually goes a lot more quickly than cross stitch for me. I love the results.

I have found the ideal spot to have my lunch at the new job. It is actually in my car. The parking lot faces a somewhat wooded area so it is somewhat serene. Plus, it is really quiet. So far I have been studying for school, but I am thinking that it is a good place to do some quiet stitching. I am wondering how I can make a little portable stitching studio for the car. I shall have to put some thought into this.


Suzanne said...

Don't you love nice surprises? I have taken 2 hardanger classes and if I would go home and practice, I could do just intimidates me! Your lunch spot sounds nice.


Patti said...

Hi Suzanne!

I was really excited when I saw there was something else in the kit. It is so funny, I felt so confident while I was taking the hardanger class, but then I got home and thought, "What if something goes wrong?" When I am working on a small piece, it takes me weeks to build enough courage to cut threads. LOL I would love to see your finishes.