Saturday, September 5, 2015

Blue Ribbon

The Autumn Quaker is complete!  My sweet baboo made the frame and survived the first fair season!  I entered two pieces in the Monterey County fair this year.  I will take a picture of the second piece when I get it back this week.  Date night was at the fair last night.  Autumn Quaker won a blue ribbon and the second piece garnered an Honorable Mention.  Looking at the results was our first stop at the fair. 
The next stop was fair food!  We both have been one a pretty strict diet.  Bill started a few months before me and has lost about 35 pounds.  I am losing more inches than pounds but I am feeling great.  We saved up our cheat meal for the fair and enjoyed some yummy treats!  Next was the Tower of Power concert, which was awesome!  My ears are still ringing today but they really put on a great show.  
We did not get to walk much around the fair like I usually do.  I was pretty tired from a long week at work, so we hung around the Home Arts area the most.  Sadly, the cross stitch and quilt entries continue to dwindle.  There really needs to be a concerted community call to action to encourage people to enter in all categories.  The three pieces which won Best of Show in their respective categories were amazing and truly deserving of their accolades. 
I am hopeful that you got to see the PBS showing of BBC's Big Blue Live from Monterey this week.  It has been a big deal here.  I was so impressed to see how BBC really captured this beautiful place that I am so blessed to call home.  I get to see the beautiful Monterey Bay out of my window every day and I am so grateful.  The walks that we get to take include seeing otters, sea lions, whales, dolphins and lots of sea life and sea birds.  I love this place and I am so happy that the BBC shared it with the world.  So if you get the chance to see it again on PBS, I think you will really enjoy it.
Well, my glamorous life continues as  we begin a three day journey of cleaning out the out of control garage!  Hope you have a great holiday weekend!


ladybeans said...

Your piece if beautiful! Looks like a fun stitch!
Congratulations on the blue ribbon!
Our county fair was sad in the home arts
department also!

Marilyn said...

Congrats on your Blue Ribbon!!!
Autumn Quaker is beautiful, and so is the frame.
Sadly, here in WI, there aren't many cross-stitch items entered in our state fair either.
Have a great weekend, even though you have to clean the garage! :)

Robin said...

Congratulations on your ribbon winnings! I love the frame molding you used for the Autumn Quaker piece. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Robin in Virginia

Patti said...

Thank you for your kind words!

mbroider said...

Congratulations on the blue ribbon! You seem to be having a lot of things happening. Enjoy:)