Monday, September 28, 2015

Natural Beauty Of Sea Ranch

One morning at breakfast, we had the pleasure of chatting with a couple of local residents of Sea Ranch.  They were the loveliest couple and told us about a local spot on the Gualala River where we should take Liesl.  It is redwood forest with first, second and third growth redwoods.  I have never stood in a forest of these amazing trees so close together.  It was an amazing sight.  When you have the honor of standing amongst these majestic trees, the feeling is truly humbling. 
Near the trail to the river, was a log that had been marked to show the age of a felled tree by labels of the rings.  The tree dated back to at least 1157 A.D.  It is amazing to think of all to which that tree had stood as a silent sentry.  I truly felt privileged to stand in that forest.   

We got to see some truly incredible sunsets while on vacation.  One sunset I finally got to see a phenomenon that I have heard about for several years.  It has always eluded me until this trip.  I finally got to see the infamous green flash at sunset.  Bill is used to seeing them, but since the conditions have to be exact and it only lasts a second, I always miss it. 
On the evening I got to see the sunset, my sweet baboo had taken me to dinner at the Sea Ranch Lodge, which is on the edge of the Pacific Ocean.  It was sunset and he told me we needed to watch for the green flash.  Suddenly, several people in the restaurant were also watching for the flash.  We all got excited because we all got to see it.  It was pretty special.  If you are curious, definitely Google green flash at sunset.  Some people have actually captured it on film.  It is pretty cool.
The Sea Ranch is famous for its unique architecture.  The houses are natural looking and blend into the landscape.  The structure below is the chapel.  To me, it looks like an upside down hollyhock.  It is beautiful on the inside, as well, with light pouring in through the stain glass windows.  The light breaks up on the floor of the chapel.  The chapel is small, with a maximum capacity of around 15 people.  It is a very peaceful, meditative space. 

The Sonoma/Mendocino Coast is really spectacular.  I am happy we got to see a lot of natural beauty and take our time in a natural setting.  I feel the redwood trees calling me back already...


Marilyn said...

Great pics, thanks for sharing them.
Those Redwoods must be amazing to see.

Cathrin Morgan said...

Its sounds like you both had a great trip andt he pictures are beautiful. Wish we lived nearby would love to visit this area. Have a great day