Sunday, September 27, 2015

Back From Vacay!

We just got back this evening from a beautiful, relaxing nine days of vacation up on the Sonoma/Mendocino Coast.  A few years ago, someone I worked with shared that there is a great community up there called Sea Ranch where you can rent a vacation home and relax.  They are super dog friendly up there and Liesl is a big part of our vacations, so we have been planning this for months.  Liesl LOVES vacations and is a great, seasoned traveler.  We actually have to pack on the down low, because she gets super excited and then gets herself worried that we will leave without her.
Our trip north took us through San Francisco, about 2 1/2 hours north of us.  I have been blessed to travel across the Golden Gate Bridge a number of times in the past 40 years, but I am still in awe every time.  The bridge is a art deco, engineering marvel. 
Sea Ranch is a truly beautiful and special place on the rugged California Coast.  We have been unplugged this week from computers and television, with the exception of the Big Bang Theory season premiere.   We have taken lots of beach walks, had fabulous meals both in restaurants and cooked at home, read books, did jigsaw puzzles, gave Liesl lots of attention,  and overall just rested.  I read four books during the week. 
In the next few days I would love to share some of the cool things I have come across on our travels.   (Sea Ranch even has a craft store!  I was so surprised that in such a remote location, that there was a nice little craft store.) 
I am off to dreamland to prepare to ease into the world of work.   

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Von said...

Glad you could get away to relax and have some fun!