Friday, August 1, 2008

Almost there

Well, here it is- the night before the fair entries are due. My Bordeaux Sampler is framed and ready to go with a beautiful frame. My hubby did a great job making it. I love the way the leaf pattern mimics the vines in the sampler itself. We still have one more item to frame, but felt that we should probably do it in the morning when we are fresh. That one requires us the cut a mat so I am a bit nervous about that.

It is always exciting to go over to the fairgrounds and turn in the entries. There are quite a few people with their entries wrapped up in bags and paper. It is such a mystery and I wonder what is underneath.

I am looking forward to eating some deep fried artichoke hearts. It will be great to see all of the best of the best in our county, too!

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