Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Feeling Fickle...

I am getting to the point where I am not feeling like I am having fun anymore working on this needlepoint piece.  It is starting to feel like work.  I have a feeling I will be putting it away for a while soon and turning my attention to something else, like Christmas ornaments.  I believe that your crafts should always be enjoyable.  Needlepoint is not my strongest skill, so it is not as high up there on the enjoyment level as cross stitch.

It does not help this situation that I have so many cross stitch patterns going through my mind.  It seems like they are calling from the storage container, "Pick me, pick me!"  I can not decide what I want to do next.  I think this is why I should stick with the ornaments for now and work my way up to a new larger project.  I have shared in the past on this blog that I have a thing for really large projects.  I may have to buy a bigger house eventually as I run out of wall space.  LOL  Okay, I am totally kidding.  My little house is so perfect and I am happy here.  It is also Liesl's queendom.

Speaking of Liesl, every evening I play with her for a full twenty to thirty minutes.  She gets my undivided attention during this time.  Some days when she is feeling super energetic we rough house.  Sometimes when she is on the tired side, she will just want me to run her through her repertoire of tricks.  She especially loves when I tell her to speak.  She can not just bark, oh no, she has to give it a little dramatic flair.  Every time she does speak, she has to give it a pose, or a jump, or she makes a long drawn out production of the bark itself.  She is a drama queen.  Tonight though she was all about the rough housing.  She has a full sized toy bunny that she beats the heck out of.  It is my job to hold the bunny. Sometimes the bunny will attack her and it is on.  Then I throw it into the kitchen.  She has to run full force at the bunny and then jumps with extra force just as she hits the kitchen rug so that she can ride it like a surfboard.  I spend half of my life straightening out the kitchen rug.  It is a losing battle.  After she gets her rabbit she brings it back to me, whereupon we repeat the process of her battling the bunny.  I spend a lot of time hoping that no rabbit ever strays into my yard. 

Tonight I have an extra special prayer request.  If you could, please include our schnauzer friend, Reggie in your prayers.  He was not feeling well so his momma took him to the vet. He has to go through some serious medical tests and his momma is so worried about him. I think all pet parents can probably sympathize with what she is going through. They both could really use your prayers that he is okay.  


Vicky said...

Sending good thoughts to Reggie and his family :)

Anonymous said...

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Patti said...

Oh, Patti, I just saw this! I am crying here, you are so sweet to ask for prayers for my Reggie.

Bless you for doing this, and for praying for us. I really appreciate it.

Patti & Reggie

Patti said...

Sending you and Reggie big hugs and good thoughts!

Patti & Liesl

MaryO said...

Catching up on this wonderful blog.

Prayers to Patti and Reggie. I am visualiing good health surrounding both and many, many more years of happiness too! luv. MaryO