Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just Like A Bad Penny...I'm Back!

With some major determination, I made it into the craft room today. I took several deep breaths and pulled out the fabric drawer from the bottom of the set of drawers that I keep it in. I am happy to say that I did, in fact, have a really large piece, like two yards of Bay Rum Jobelan. Therefore, I am all ready to start stitching away on my Farmer's Alphabet. I am totally excited.

I did not put the drawer back yet. I figure that one night this week, I will go ahead and inventory what I have in an Excel spreadsheet. This should remove the sense of terror that I feel about having to go into the drawer. Part of the fear comes from the fact that the fabric is labelled with pieces of paper that are attached with stick pins. Today one of the pins stuck me under my fingernail. While the drawer is well organized, those pins have a life of their own.

This was a really busy weekend! Friday night we were so tired from our busy week that we were both asleep by 8:30. Sad, huh. Yesterday, we had many errands to run. We did run by Michaels for a few things. I bought some red RIT dye. I need to dye the curtains in my craft room. In the old house, the yellow tie up curtains worked in the room. In this house, they look out of place. I think the red will be attractive. I also bought some contrasting ribbon to trim them with. My craft room is done in a Scandavian theme. So I bought ribbon with daisies on it so that the curtains will match and to cut down on all that red.

We also had to pick up additional flowers for the garden. We have some bare spots that needed attention. The garden is coming along nicely and we are becoming really proud of it. DH is doing a great job.

I was bummed last night because I do not have the Speed Channel and missed seeing Tony Stewart winning the All-Star Race. I caught up on today. What a win! That was quite a finish and had I been watching the race, I would have been biting my nails like crazy! Go Smoke! In his honor, we did watch Pixar's Cars, which I found to be a truly delightful movie. It was visually beautiful, and had a few really great messages in it.

Wishing you all a happy Monday!

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