Saturday, May 23, 2009

Vacation, Day 2

I had such a nice, peaceful day. It started with the sleeping in, then heading in the direction of the beach. Liesie and I took an hour long walk. She has been a little overdue for a bath, and it was the primo time to give her one when we returned from the beach. The leftover sand in the bathtub would suggest that she brought half of the beach home with her. Our vet allows her to have one egg a week for her coat, and she usually gets it on Saturday morning. I do not like eggs myself, but there I am, making a perfect poached egg for her. Can you say spoiled? LOL Other than the bath, Liesl thinks that Saturday mornings rock.

I got to stitch quite a bit today. Each letter of the alphabet sits in a little square box outlined in green. I was able to get 9 boxes done. I did something that I have never done before and started in the upper left hand corner. I am a little frustrated by the calculations. First of all their design width and height were backwards. Then when I used an online fabric calculator, I took the stitched area and added three inches all around. I am noticing that the piece is not centered which it should be since I measured down and over three inches. There is a lot more fabric hanging off the bottom than there is at the top. I wonder what I did wrong. I am not too worried about it because the framed piece has to fit between the bottom of the cabinet and the tiled trim in the kitchen. So I really do not need that much fabric on either side. The piece will not be matted, just framed close to the design.

I would like to get my curtains dyed tomorrow. I have not used RIT dyes before so I am a little nervous. I hope I do not make a mess. I would really like to have the curtains hung before I have to go back to work.

Tomorrow is also Nascar Sprint Cup racing. Go Tony! I would totally love to see him repeat his win of last week.

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