Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch...

In what can only be described as an avoidance maneuver, one that steers me clear of having to fight my way to and through my fabric drawer, I picked up the Lady again today. I stitched upon it at lunchtime. I started the fruit border so I am having a little bit of fun. I was able to start the outline of the grapes. They are in a soft mauvy type of color.

I tried to stitch for a little while this evening, but I came home so bone-achingly tired from work that I was not feeling it. The last three days have been really busy at work. Today was really busy, and I left feeling like the only thing I could do was come home and drool. I called DH on my way home to let him know I was on my way and that I just felt exhausted. All I wanted to do was eat a roast beef sandwich in my jammies and go to bed. DH said that he was getting ready to make dinner from some leftovers. He made homemade pasta with a chicken and bacon cream sauce. It must be love because he picked out little pieces of bacon out of his dish and fed them to me. I still got to wear my jammies, so it was all good. Even Liesie was tired and climbed up on her fuzzy blankie to sleep next to me.

It was nice to stitch the Lady again. She really is so pretty. I wonder why I have to like working on BAPs so much. It is such a rare thing for me to stitch smalls. In fact, I do not think I have done a small in years. The Lady is large like all of MLI's angels. MLI really has a way with colors. I love the Victorian look of her pieces. It is sort of funny, because while I am wrestling the BAP, I am thinking that I already have the Angel of Dreams all kitted up and how lovely she would look with my other angels. The thought that I keep having though is that there is a lot of white floss in that piece. Wow.

Well, I think I am going to go to bed. I am wondering if anything that I just wrote makes any sense at all. I will probably be mortified in the morning. LOL

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