Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Week Of Mondays...

This has been a crazy week. We are trying to get the month of April closed in order to meet some critical deadlines. It has been a wild ride. I am pretty tired, but it always feels good to put all of the numbers where they belong and balancing. I really love accounting and the sense of order it brings to my life!

It has been a good evening. It started with taco night. Yum! We have not had taco night in a long, long time. It was so delicious. I had one of my Mexican Coca-Colas with it. I am a happy girl.

After dinner I got to stitch for a little while. I am so tired that I am afraid of making a mistake. I do not want to spend an evening frogging. So I am not stitching for very long at all. I got to watch American Ballroom Dance Challenge on PBS while I stitched. These dancers are so amazing. It really points out the difference between DWTS and the true professionals. The dancers are really incredible. The emcees' banter is a bit cheesy, but overall the show is really entertaining.

I plan on making the foray into the fabric drawer this weekend so that I can pull the fabric for the Farmer's Alphabet. I am really certain that I have some Bay Rum Jobelan from when I stitched the Celtic Banner. I really want to stitch FA, so I am hoping to start it this weekend.

Have a great Friday!

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