Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Misplaced My Camera Smartcard Thingy

Grrr. I was stitching as fast as possible tonight so that I could take a picture of my progress on Farmer's Alphabet. I got to the point where I felt that the asparagus actually looked like asparagus, and the beet bore a strong resemblance to a beet. Time for the photo op. It was not to be though, because I can not find the card that goes from my camera to the computer. I think I put it down somewhere in my bedroom. Unfortunately, DH is coming down with something and was feeling terrible and thusly retired for the evening early. I should probably not go flipping on all of the lights and banging around looking for a piece of one inch square plastic. Alas, I am bummed.

Anyway, I LOVE stitching this piece. Just when I think the colors can not get any more perfect, I pull out the next one that is just the most ideal and beautiful color. They are colors a bit off the beaten path, but just work so well in this well orchestrated, amazing piece. I really wish that the photograph could really show how amazingly beautiful it is.

It was a really good day at work. I got a lot accomplished, which always makes me feel good. My cool friend at work, who also loves NASCAR came back from vacation. She was visiting family in North Carolina and got to go the Coca Cola 600 this weekend, as well as visiting the team shops in NC. She told me all about it, then presented me with a photograph from Tony Stewart's shop. It is a really neat picture that I will have to frame. In addition, she brought me a cool nylon bag from the 50th Coca Cola 600 in Lowes Motor Speedway in Charlotte. Her stories are so great about meeting people and her adventures. I learn alot listening to her.

DH made the most amazing stuffed peppers for dinner tonight. I have not had stuffed peppers in about 30 years. It felt good to have yummy comfort food. It has been so cold in the afternoon and evenings here, so hot meals are a necessity. DH was in Illinois this past weekend and talked about how hot and humid it was there. While we were talking on the phone and he was talking about how miserable the heat was, I was sitting here in sweats, warm fuzzy socks, with a cup of hot tea, the heater running and a fire in the fireplace. It was 48 in the morning on Sunday. Brrr.

Hope it is comfortable where you are.

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