Monday, December 12, 2011

I Have Offended The Schnauzer...

And now I must pay. LOL

Today little Miss Liesl got into trouble with me. Someone came into our office mistakenly and wanted directions to his proper destination. Liesl became instantly riled up about the "Stranger Danger" and started yelling "Security!!!!" in her shrill doggie bark. She was going off. I told her to knock it off. She kept it up, so I told her "No Barking!" and made her go lie down in her bed under my desk (it is a little cave for her.) She kept adamantly barking so I told her that she was being a bad girl.

Now if you have ever known a schnauzer, or any terrier for that matter, you know they are highly emotional. They can be total drama mamas. They will let you know if their feelings are hurt and they will hold a grudge. Liesl sat under my desk for at least ten minutes after the guy had gone, grumbling (she is a talker) and throwing in a few closed mouthed barks for good measure. Schnauzers always have to have the last word, usually in the form of a closed mouth bark. I could not believe how long she went on muttering and grumbling. It was almost comical except that I was busy with a work project.

We had to leave 45 minutes later, and she refused to look at me, just headed for the door. I came home and warmed up her dinner and then played with her. Hopefully, she has forgiven me for my errant ways. LOL



DebbieSFL said...

You gave me a good laugh. I just came home from visiting my son and dil and my two schnauzer grand puppies and they do the exact same thing. They crack me up!!!

Patti said...

Hi Debbie,

I have to laugh, too. Schnauzers are just a totally different breed. I had no idea just how stubborn, smart, funny, emotional and dramatic they can be. I just love Liesl so much because she cracks me up.

I am so glad that you understand. Loving a schnauzer is a special thing, indeed.

Sending scratches behind the ears to your grandpuppies!

Patti (and Liesl)