Friday, December 23, 2011

Whoooooo! Ready To Party!!!!!

After I get some sleep that is...

I am done.  I finished my Christmas shopping the other day.  Tonight, I waited until about 8:30 to do my grocery shopping in hopes it would be somewhat less crowded.  My worst case scenario was waiting until late night to shop at the 24 hour Safeway that we have in the area.  Luckily, it was not too bad at 8:30. I got in, followed my list and I am happy to say that I have everything I need for the next two days of celebration.  What a relief.  People were driving so crazy after work that I am presuming tomorrow will be just as bad.  

Now I have to interject here, that Liesl just seems to know stuff.  I do not know how she does, but she just seems to have an intrinsic understanding of stuff.  (She is also very opinionated, but that is another story.)  Generally, she will let me know if she wants to come with me or not, mostly opting to stay where she can have a good uninterrupted nap.  Tonight she made it clear that she was coming with me.  I was a little concerned about leaving her in the car because we have a freeze tonight and I did not want her to get cold.  She was pretty insistent though, so she rode along.  She is really good company and gave me kisses along the way.  

Meanwhile back at the grocery store...Someone in training at Safeway should really have a little part of the program that states, "When someone in a friendly way says, "How are you today?" that a proper response is: fine, good, etc."  Perhaps this is not an opportunity for the checkout cashier to launch into a free form one way discussion of all that is going crummy in their lives.  A one way discussion that is probably best reserved for their next therapy session.  Nor should they launch into political rants, rants against credit card companies, or their managers, the grocery worker's union, etc.  I generally just give a totally blank look and try to change the subject.  Tonight's cashier did not get it as he was telling me "How to stick it to the credit card companies."  I was going to tell him that he was harshing my mellow, but did not feel like engaging him any further.   I was over it.

But I am done.  Tomorrow I can sleep in, clean the house, play with my dog, engage in some hall decking and get ready for the evening's activities.

It has been such a great week at work.  We have an  tradition at my office of giving small inexpensive gifts to everyone in the office if you feel like participating.  No was is expected to participate.  Basically, every day this week I have walked into my office to find a small gift on my desk.  It really makes you feel special.  They are small, special, meaningful things.  One of the ladies at work is a really talented photographer.  She made us each a small collection of greeting cards of some of her beautiful nature photos.  Another top manager made special pickled peppers and put them in a pretty jar for each of us.  Another lady brought us each a truffle that was decorated like a reindeer.  This year I found really nice LED flashlights with 6 settings to share.  Our parking lot is really dark, plus the flashlights have a flashing red light which are perfect for walking the dog so others can see you.  It is really fun to participate and it was fun to feel special and make others feel special.  

I am really looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.  Liesl really cuddles up on these cold nights.  There is nothing like cuddling up to your furbabies on a cold night.  

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