Thursday, December 29, 2011

Is It Saturday Yet?

This is how I found Miss Liesl this morning when it was time to go to work.  Normally she is a bit of a morning person, and is usually up and at 'em when it is time to go.  Today she just looked at me with one eye like she was hoping it was really the weekend.  She had cleared all of the pillows off of the sofa except the one for her head.  As I have shared in the past, she makes no apologies for her comfort.

I had to run her by the clinic today for her rabies shot.  It is hard to believe that three years have passed since her last one!  I was so proud of her.  She did not even flinch.  She is such a good little dog.

The big holiday weekend is quickly approaching.  My dance card is filling up fast, but I really want to devote some time to the  house.  I really need to put my sewing cabinet together and get my craft room/office organized.  I am holding off on ordering the daybed until I get my cabinet put together.  

I can not believe how much I love this house.  I love walking into my home at the end of the day.  I have these beautiful curved arched doorways that I just think are so beautiful.  One leads to the kitchen and one leads to the hallway and the bedrooms.  They were one of the elements that I fell in love with when I saw the house.  There are so many small things that my eye will catch and I will just be in awe.  I did not know that you could love a house so much.  Of course, I still have a few upgrades in mind...


Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Such a sweet puppy! I know exactly how you feel............we are all blessed to have a beautiful shelter over our heads to call "home". So wonderful you feel the way you do. Have a wonderful New Year ahead. blessings,Kathleen

JudyT said...

Happy New Year to you. I've enjoyed your blog so much this past year during your move, settling in, and the projects you take on. And, of course, all the Liesl updates