Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas To Me...

Okay, let me start by saying that I am not much of a shopper (except at Home Depot, which is more out of necessity at this point.)  Generally, I prefer to spend my free time out with family and friends, walking with Liesl, reading my books, stitching, or any number of activities that do not include my being in a store.  I celebrate it in others who do like to shop, it is just that I prefer so many other things to it.  The problem with being in a store at this time of year is that I not only find gifts for my loved ones, I also find things that I want for me.  This could mean big trouble.  

Today I had to go to Target at lunchtime to pick up a gift and a couple of small stocking stuffer type things.  I saw this beautiful Smith and Hawken wood roses wreath on clearance for only $19.99.  The color red on it is absolutely perfect.  I plan on hanging it on my door for the next week or so, then I think it may go up in my red and white craft room.  I am still deciding on that one.  It is so pretty.  The photo really does not do it justice.

After work, I had to run by Kohl's for the last present I needed to get.  I do love Kohl's, which is why I have to stay out of there.   It could possibly have me change my policy on shopping as a recreational activity.  I found these gorgeous plates on sale for  50% off.  I love dinner plates and have an assortment of colorful ones.  They make me happy.  I love the rustic look of these dishes and just how colorful they are.

The other thing that I like about them is that they are nice and substantial.  

I am so looking forward to Christmas.  The family is coming to my house.  I offered to let my daughter & son in law host because I want them to have the opportunity to do so if they would like to.  I am sensitive to the fact that others want to host, too.  But my sweet daughter said that they feel that they should celebrate my new house, too.  So she is bringing a rib roast over to cook here.  She makes an amazing roast.  I am so excited.  I am making the sides, and she is bringing dessert.  I have champagne ready to celebrate all of us being together at Christmas.  I am so happy.  I love having all of the kids together.  Of course, Liesl will believe that they are only here to see her.  She loves the family so much.  She might get a little taste of roast, too.  It will be exciting to have the first celebration in my little happy home.  

There are so many times that I just feel so blessed for this life.  I feel so much love and joy in my heart for the blessing of friends and family.  My best friend and I were talking on the phone tonight about the fact that we love normal life just a little bit better than holidays.  We do love Christmas but both feel that some of the internal preparation for the religious holiday gets lost.  We both came to the conclusion that we must really treasure our everyday lives to say that we miss it a bit during the holidays.  I like when my friends and I give each other gifts for no reason, because we saw something and thought of the other person.  I like regular dinners with my family and friends.  I love taking the time to watch a truly beautiful sunset instead of seeing it out of my car window while I am rushing to the next place I need to be.  I guess this is a sign that I truly love my life and all who are in it.  I love ordinary days filled with reading great books, drinking tea, and taking a nap with my dog.  I love time spent in gratitude and prayer, when I can connect to Spirit and feel peace.  Life is amazing and magical, especially in the ordinary.


Vicky said...

I love your purchases, the plate is gorgeous.

Lorie said...

Thank you for the reminder of what is truly important during this season. I hope that you and your family enjoy Christmas in your new home! Best wishes for a healthy and blessed 2012.

Lorie in NC

Mad about Craft said...

I try to keep out of the shops too as I see so many things I'd like. Trouble is I can get into just as much trouble shopping on the internet. Take Fat Quarter shop's sale that has been on over the last week or so - my Christmas present to myself is a FQ bundle of Moda Jovial fabric!