Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Good Sunday

It was another good day today.  We had a guest pastor today who gave such a great sermon.  I love it when somewhere in the sermon you hear exactly what you need to hear.  This is particularly good when you are going through troubled times.  Today he ended his sermon with exactly the words that I needed to hear and I kind of got that little tingle when I know that I am supposed to get a message.  I told the pastor afterwards that he said what I needed to hear today and he responded that God does get his message to us.  

After church I went to the grocery store with my list in hand.  I have been researching really healthy recipes online.  I find that I eat much healthier when my refrigerator is well stocked and I have things prepared.  This is important for those days I come home too exhausted to cook.  So I went and bought lots of good veggies and things that I need for some yummy sounding recipes.  Today I made a tomato, basil, Parmesan soup.  I had it for dinner and it was quite tasty.  Now I can look forward to having it for lunch tomorrow.  

One of my BFFs (I have three!) came over for coffee today.  She is my retired interior decorator friend and fellow schnauzer momma.  She is such a talented person with color.  My son has even said that he loves the suggestions that she has made on my house.  He said that I have always liked more muted colors but that I have much more vibrant and fun colors in my house now.  She came over with her large interior decorator paint sample binder.  She has been looking at paint colors and so we looked at what she had.  She had red!!!!  Whoohoo!  We are only going to do an accent wall, but it is going to be awesome.  It is more of a tomato soup red.  Very warm and will match my curtains exactly.  I am stoked!  

Then she pulled out colors for my hallway to the bedrooms and bath.  They were very soft, gorgeous colors.  The front of the house will be very vibrant with the look on the back side of the house being very soft, but still in the same color family.  We also looked at some fabric that I fell in love with online and we determined that it is perfect for a valance in my big kitchen window.  She did her design on a piece of paper with measurements and I just think that it will be awesome.  I am so excited.  Our other BFF said that she is ready to help with the painting again!  Whoohoo!

I was happy to spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing.  I am so grateful for my friends, for the message in the sermon today, my dog, my family, enough food and a warm place at night to lay my head.   I still have my cough but it is easing, and there are people throughout the world who know much more desperate circumstances than I, who have life and death on the line every single day.  Tonight I pray for these who have much greater suffering and thank God for guiding me through my troubles.  This time in my life shall pass, and I am sure glad for those angels that surround me who are my family and friends. 

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