Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Nice Day At The Cozy Cottage Influenza Ward

Today was a lovely day.  I had determined that this is the weekend that I would take really good care of myself and try to get rid of this dreadful cough once and for all.  Yesterday after work I stopped off for fun and adventure at the Dollar Tree.  I have not been there since Christmas time when I buy my gift bags.  I have been growing my hair out and it is getting pretty long so I was looking for clips to put it up in the afternoon when it is warm.  No clips but I got a hoard of ponytail rings, two Sally Hansen Diamond Nail Polishes, and two really nice Maybelline Lip Glosses.  I also got some Betty Crocker silicone spatulas.  It is always an adventure when I go there.  Anyway, I went straight home after that and was in my jammies by 3 pm.  I had dinner in front of the television, gave myself a pedi, stitched to my heart's content and slept 10 straight hours.  It was awesome.

I was pretty good about staying home today.  I puttered around a bit which is always fun.  I am bound and determined to finish unpacking my garage since I moved in almost eight months ago.  I got a box unpacked.  Yay!  My best friend called in the afternoon and asked if I could have coffee with her.  I ended up making coffee here so we could relax and talk.  It was so nice to have a profound discussion with her.  She is such a great friend.  Of course a certain schnauzer thought that my friend was here to see her.  She loves my best friend especially since the first thing that she does when she comes over is sits down and gives Liesl her full attention and lots of love and neck scratches.  Liesl will look over at me with a big smile that says, "Look, I have company!"  She follows my friend around and even lays down by her.  So we all had a nice visit.  LOL

After my friend left, I got a bee in my bonnet and decided that since it was warm and sunny out, I should paint my Andirondack chairs since I have had them a year now.  I am now thinking that I was sorta crazy.  I have painted them a vintage Coca Cola red using Rustoleum paint, which is oil based.  Ick.  I still have to do the undersides and some of the detail, but I ran out of paint.  This is a painstaking project.  Of course, since the paint is oil based, it had to spray me or drip down my hand.  When I was done, I looked like the lead character is Sweeney Todd.  My hands and arms were covered in red paint.  Being oil based it was pretty hard to get off.  I am not looking forward to finishing the underside of the chairs now.  I will say though that the color is amazing and I am so please with how they turned out.  As soon as I finish them I will take a picture.

The rest of the evening was spent playing with Liesl, rubbing her tummy and stitching.  I love me some Storage Wars, and got to stitch while watching a marathon of episodes.  I think Barry is dreamy in a quirky kind of way.  There are certain reality shows that I am a fan of.  They are my guilty pleasure.  There is Storage Wars, Pawn Stars, RHNJ, Celebrity Apprentice, American Pickers and RHBH.  When I am really hurting for entertainment there is Hillbilly Handfishing, which I still can not believe is a show to this day.  Tomorrow a new one starts about our local first family of the Monterey Peninsula, the Eastwoods.  It is primarily about Clint's wife Dina, who is a very lovely person and was a local newscaster here back in the 1990's.  I had met her back in the 1990's before she had met up with Clint, and she is just as sweet as can be.  She also shops in the store where my DD works and everyone thinks she is a total sweetheart.  I really like it when things turn out well for really nice people.  So I look forward to watching her show.  

So now off to dreamland.  I think tomorrow after church will be spent cooking.  I have some new soup recipes I have been wanting to try, so I think I will premake lunches of soup for the week.  I also will make yogurt and I am thinking about getting the bread machine out.  Hopefully, all of this playing Domestic Diva will help end my cough.  I am thinking happy thoughts!


Dalesgirl said...

Sounds like you are having a lovely couple of days. I hope your cough gets better soon. I'm really enjoying reading your blog - Samantha

Jeanne said...

Glad you are feeling better finally. I watch all those same shows except for the Housewives. We like Barry too, he seems like a fun guy to know. I'm just now waiting for my husband to finish working on a problem for work tonite so we can watch the final episode of Celebrity Apprentice!