Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Good Day

Today was such a beautiful, warm, sunny day.  It was so gorgeous that I decided to seize the day and have an ice cream cone for lunch instead of my yogurt.  It was heavenly and made me happy.  I snack throughout the day on grapes and almonds, so it was not a totally un-nutritious day.  Plus I came home and had an uber healthy dinner.

It was so gorgeous when I got home that Liesl decided to play for a long time in the yard.  She generally likes to stay close to me, but she had gopher holes to inspect.  I was making chicken breast for dinner, which is her favorite, so I made her a plate, too.  She thought this was the best day ever.  She is such a happy girl and has adjusted pretty well to her mom's new job.

The job is going fantastically.  I am learning a lot, which can seem overwhelming some days.  It will all come in good time, but I have a lot to learn first.  My other team member is a quilter and crafter so we got to talk today.  She is much more advanced than I am at quilting so I am in awe.  

I am still trying to find the balance of my day.  I have the best of intentions of stitching when I get home in the evening.  My head is so crammed full of information that I tend to just want to read or watch television after I have made and eaten dinner, given Liesl attention, finished up a few chores, etc.  Again, I know it will come, so I have to be patient with myself.  

So all in all, things are pretty wonderful.  I am well and happy.  I will be so much happier when I get to be really good at my job.  But that is a journey...

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wilma b said...

LOL at the ice-cream cone for lunch. All new things take time, including your job and routine. Hang in'll get easier!