Friday, March 1, 2013

Making Progress!

Thank you very much for your kindness and well wishes.  Today was a better day.  My fever is at about 100 degrees and I have a spot on the top of my head that keeps throbbing.  My daughter is also really sick.  We texted back and forth today.  She said that the chills were nightmarish.  I told her that I felt her pain.  My advice to all, if you wake up with a scratchy throat and feeling cold, go back to bed immediately.

My best friend called me today to check on me.  She offered to bring food, clean my house, or take Liesl for a walk.  I told her that I did not want her to get sick and to stay away.  She also wanted to make sure that Liesl has food.  Puppy mommas are the best.  My BFF is a nurse practitioner.  She told me that she was really glad that I got to the doctor yesterday.  I told her that I did not even know that a human being could have a temperature of 104.  She said that it is uncommon in adults, but at about 105 you can generally start slipping into a coma.  As usual, God was watching over me, because I already had that appointment scheduled for yesterday morning.  

So Liesl and I laid around, watched bad television and took naps.  I really wanted to stitch, but my eyes and head hurt too much.  I am starting to get fidgety because I am not the type of person who can just sit and watch television.  I have to be stitching, knitting, playing with Liesl, etc.  So I am just hoping I can get back to playing with all of my toys tomorrow.  I am getting wiggly.  On top of that I am wearing my leopard jammies, my frog socks, no makeup, I have bed head and am slathered in Vicks Vapo-Rub and I am mouth-breathin'.  I am a sexy beast.

So I am happy to be going to bed and ready to turn out the light.  I will be dreaming about stitching, throwing a ball with Liesl at the beach, playing in my craft room, and reading my books.  I so love my life and I am ready to get back to it.  


sandra said...

Oh my goodness. You are not well at all. I think flu is the worst ailment , you really have a bad case of it. Have been reading your blog forever about the new house etc. ( not stalking - just enjoy reading about the new house and your stitching ) and thought I really must give my wishes for a quick recovery. Take care Sandra from Australia.

Laura said...

Hi Patti,

You and your daughter are in my thoughts and prayers that you both get better soon! Also, a belated but Happy Birthday to you too!

Hope you feel better soon!


quiltluvr said...

So glad you are feeling better though not great yet. Getting fidgety is a good sign you are getting better. Be careful and don't overdue it as you perk back up!

Rita said...

I hope you and your DD get well soon.