Monday, November 11, 2013

An Absolutely Perfect Day

First of all, today we honor all men, women and four legged creatures that have served our country in our Armed Services.  We are all extremely grateful for your service and the sacrifices that you have made on our behalf for our nation.  While we honor and celebrate you today, every day you are in our prayers, and we pray that all whom are currently on active duty would be returned home safe and sound very soon.

Today was an absolutely perfect day.  The only bummer part was that my sweet guy, a Navy vet himself, had to work.  I decided that today was a day to be a domestic diva.  I started the day drinking a cup of coffee with pumpkin spice creamer, with the Bach channel on Pandora, checking my email with a little dog sleeping next to me on the sofa.  It was a perfect moment for which I am so grateful.

After psyching my myself, I tore my house apart in a cleaning frenzy.  I cleaned kitchen cabinets, polished the furniture, purged a bunch of stuff, pre-made enough of Liesl's meals for about a week to ten days, and scoured my kitchen.  It felt great.  I got so much done.  This is going to be a busy week at work, so it is kind of nice to be a little bit ahead.  I am hoping to be far enough ahead that I may be able to stitch an ornament this week.

My sweetheart came for dinner after he got off work.  He has taken over walking Liesl out on possum patrol after dinner.  He tells her they are going possum hunting.  She seems to understand because she goes trotting outside with a little skip in her step, like this is going to her lucky day.  LOL  Afterwards, he always tells her that she is doing such a good job keeping the possum out of the house.  

I got to give Liesl lots of belly rubs and extra attention today.  We are starting to get our cozy inside weather, so it was nice to stay home and nest.  

While I loved staying home today, it has stayed with me today that there are so many in the Phillipines that have lost theirs as well as loved ones.  Our prayers are being raised up for those impacted by the typhoon.  It has been heart wrenching to see the pictures.  We are joining our prayers with all of yours for all who were in the typhoon's path.  

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