Saturday, November 2, 2013


Okay, are these the awesomest shoes ever, or what?!  I will now admit to you that I am a total girlie-girl.  I love make-up (thank goodness we have an Ulta nearby!) sparkly jewelry and shoes.  Most days I wear a dress or a skirt to work.  I feel more comfortable in them.  I like pedicures and nailpolish. Mostly, I like anything sparkly.  My son says that I am like a racoon and drawn to anything shiny.  

I so love shoes.  I like to patrol the shoe aisles of Marshall's or Ross.  My beloved partner knows that I have more shoes than I should and yet he makes no discouraging remarks as I pick up a prospective new pair to add to my little shoe family.  This, as I exclaim, "Oooooh.  Lookie!!!!"  In fact, he will even carry the boxes around for me.  He is my shining prince.

So we were out today poking around in Marshal'ls when my eyes fell upon these beauties and I knew instantly that I must make them mine.  Sequins and patent leather.  They are awesome in every sense of the word.  A lady in the store said that they were beautiful and asked where I might wear them.   I exclaimed, "Everywhere!"  I said that I would even wear these with jeans.  She said that she has a lot of pretty dress shoes and only gets to wear them once and then they just sit in the closet.

So I will share my personal philosophy.  Wear your good stuff.  If it makes you happy, wear it.  Do not save things for a special occasion.  Several years ago I worked in the fine jewelry business and women would come in and finally get the dream ring or string of pearls only to go put it in the safety deposit box.  I told them to wear it.  

Several years ago I had a friend that every time her girlfriends came over for lunch, even if she was making them a tuna sandwich, she served it on her best china.  I really think that each day is special.  It is a blessing.  Life is fragile and we should use and wear our special things to make ordinary days special.  So wear the sparkly shoes, use the good china and break open that special bottle of perfume you have been saving.  Today is your special occasion because you are special.


Laura said...

May I hire you as my personal shopper? Dang but those are cute shoes! Just wish I could wear them....but right now, my right foot is wearing the latest in boot/velcro fashion....twisted my foot/ankle really bad! Blech! So glad to see you back posting again and it is very heart-warming hearing about how wonderful things are going for you too :)


Cindy said...

I love your philosophy! I think we are all guilty of saving things for that special day, but you are right, we should treat every day like it's special-wonder how my gold sparkly heels would look with my scrubs tomorrow, hahaha!