Thursday, November 21, 2013

Girl's Night

Well, it is a girl's night at the cozy cottage.  My sweet guy has a meeting at church tonight so it is just Liesl and me.  I came home and got directly into my polar tek jammies.  Then I made dinner for Liesl and made a baked potato for dinner for me, which I promptly ate in front of the television.  By 7 pm I was in bed, taking a test for my online class. 

One of the nice things I got to do while I was taking my test was give myself a pedi.  I always have my toe nails done.  This time I have them done in a super sparkly red by Butter.  I love me some Butter nail polish.  It goes on, well, like buttah.  Being a bargain conscience girl, I picked up 3-4 bottles when they were only $10 each at Ulta last month.  If you have not tried Ulta yet, you must.  It is like a big Costco for girls, filled with all kinds of wonderful things like nail polish and hair products.  I even get my eyebrows done there.  My sweetheart, being a total guy's guy, does get that slight look of terror when I say I just need to run in there for one thing. LOL

So, as I said, the sweetie had to be at a meeting.  He had a late patient so he had to go directly to the church meeting from his office.  So Liesl is in withdrawal.  She looks totally bummed out.  She keeps getting up to go look at the front door.  These two are so cute together.  

So I am totally getting ready to read my book.  I am reading Dan Brown's new book, Inferno.  It is my first book on my new Kindle Paperwhite, which I LOVE.  I bought it to replace my old Kindle, which died a slow death.  I think I wore it out.  Anyway, I so love the Paperwhite.  That little glow light is particularly helpful at times.  The Dan Brown book is super.  

So I guess I will go read now that Liesl has fallen totally asleep.  I will probably be right behind her.  

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