Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Playin' Possum

Well, we had quite the adventure around here last night.  I made eggplant Parmesan for dinner last night so my ever-so-wonderful honey was over for dinner.  He said that he would finish up cleaning up after supper while I took Liesl outside. Now that we are on daylight savings time, it is super dark at 8pm.  I have shared with you that my yard has the tendency to be like Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom.  For some reason, even with Barky von Schnauzer, my yard attracts varmints.  So when it is dark, one or both of us will take her outside so that she is not attacked by a raccoon or something.  

So last night Liesl goes bounding out the back door straight for the back fence.  Then she starts her shrieking barks and running and jumping up.  I look up and there is a HUGE possum on the fence, a bit larger than Liesl.  So huge that I am afraid to go near the fence in case it jumps on either of us.  I am yelling at Liesl to come. (I am sure the neighbors were thrilled.)   Liesl is running back and forth along the fence, shrieking, jumping, etc., and totally ignoring me calling her with me in hot pursuit.  So I called to my honey to come help. The possum was just going slowly along the fence following Liesl.  

My sweet boyfriend comes out of the house, and calmly asks if I need help.  Then he walks over near the fence, tells Liesl to come over to him and calmly picks her up.  Liesl just looked at him like," Oh, hey, since you picked me up and all, can you lift me up to the top of the fence?  At this point, the possum just walks slowly along the fence away from us.

Now I have mentioned that Liesl thinks that he is HER boyfriend.  I found it interesting that she went to him after ignoring me.  (She is in SO much trouble.  LOL )  I asked him why the possum had not run away.  He explained that the possum was taunting Liesl.  I found this totally weird, so I asked him why a possum would do that.  He said that it was probably fun for him to see Liesl so excited.  

I thought the matter was over, however, it became the night from heck.  That possum was all Liesl could think about.  I was awoken by Liesl ringing her bell to go outside at 12:30 am.  In general, she knows that I will not let her out in the middle of the night so she does not even try.  But the possibility of possum was too great, so she rang that darn bell at 12:30...and 2 am...and 3:15 and 4:10. I was a very grumpy, sleep deprived puppy momma at work today...

I am off to bed now, ridiculously early.

I am totally in need of sleep so I will sign off.  Wish me good luck that we will have a possum free night tonight.  Oy vey.


Vicky said...

We currently have rats running along the back fence and across the garage roof due to major roadworks across the way. My babies are constantly chasing and barking too.

Miss LindaLee said...

Oh my goodness! From what I've always been told is that a possum is a very mean animal and to stay away from them. I had one, one time bare its teeth and snarl at me and I didn't want anymore to do with them. Lucky you that you had your honey there for sure.