Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Cozy Weekend So Far...

It has been a lovely weekend so far.  My best friend's hubby was out of town the past couple of days, so last night she invited me over to dinner and to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies.  She told me to bring my stitching and my Liesl (who is pals with her Springer Spaniel.)  We had such a nice dinner.  She had prepared "build your own taco salad" fixin's.  So we fixed our big salads, which were absolutely delicious and chatted all through dinner.  I was so stuffed.  

We washed up the dishes, then took the dogs out to run the yard for a few minutes,then headed to the TV room.  We each had a warm comfy dog on our lap (one of Liesl's rare occasions that she allows this) and watched the ceremonies.  I thought they were sweet.  I have a particularly goofy sense of humor and love Mr. Bean, so I especially loved the part with him.  My BFF was not familiar with him but said that she loved his dramatic facial expressions.  It is really amazing to see representatives from all of the countries all over the world gathered in one place and the spirit of joy and excitement.  I was really proud of the USA's athletes and I was so happy that they received such a warm reception.  I was absolutely shocked to see the time on the clock when the torch was lit.  Yikes!  It was 11:56!  I am usually in bed really early, like when it is still light out.  I could not believe I had stayed out that late.  I felt a little panicky at the thought of driving at that hour.  I was happy to get home and into my jammies.  

After sleeping in, I awoke to a very cold, gloomy, windy day here on the Monterey Peninsula.  Brrrr.  This is one of the weekends when most Peninsula residents stay home and hunker down for the weekend anyway.  We have the Moto GP here at Laguna Seca and there are thousands of motor cycles in town.  On top of that we have the Pacific Grove Feast of Lanterns and the Gilroy Garlic Festival forty minutes away.  Traffic is crazy so most of us stay home to stay out of the mayhem.  The weather and the fact that Liesie and I were so sleepy made this a perfect pajama day.  Liesl slept the entire day away.  I quickly put together a banana bread, got my stitching and found a marathon of Hillbilly Handfishin'.  I was so stoked.  I love this show.  It is more about people overcoming their fears and them coming out of their comfort zones.  It is also fun to watch and believe me, you will never find me putting my hand in a catfish's mouth to lure them out of the water.  No sirree, not gonna happen.  I am in awe of the people that do.

I did get to stitch today.  I was going through my box of kits the other day and found this Elsa William's needlepoint kit.  I think I bought it sometime between 10 and 15 years ago.  Yesterday was the day that I decided to open it.  I needed something to take to stitch at my friend's.  I like the fact that I do not have to concentrate as hard with needlepoint as I do with cross stitch.  I am working the basket weave stitch and I love the way the back looks.  I very rarely do needlepoint but I am having a good time with this.  If I ever finish it I plan on making it into a pillow.  

Off to catch up on my sleep...

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Miss LindaLee said...

What a great visit with your friend. Comfortable evening and I'm glad you arrived home safe and sound. Hours can just fly by when you're with a dear friend for sure.
I love a jammie day as well. If it's rainy and cold you just know being home and snug is best. So keep those jammies on and grab a hot cup of coffee or tea. Bring out the stitching and enjoy.
Speaking of stitching. Your new piece will be beautiful! Keep us posted on it.
You have a wonderful week. I'll be back to visit.