Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Quiet Sunday

Well, it was Day 2 of cold and dreariness outside.  Therefore, it was Day 2 of being totally cozy inside.  I feel terrible because I missed church this morning.  One of my neighbors was having a party outside in the gosh darn cold last night.  (I really like all of my neighbors.)  They never have parties and I do not think at all that they were trying to be loud, they were just laughing and stuff, but it kept me awake pretty late.  I was dragging this morning and decided that I would just observe the day with my own readings and prayers today.  

It was nice to have a cozy day again.  Liesl slept all day on the sofa next to me while I stitched.  I got quite a bit done on my needlepoint piece.  I had picked up the Hardanger to try again but I am a bit confused about something so I think I will need to look for an actual action tutorial on YouTube.  In the meantime, it is kind of fun to work on needlepoint.  The kit has nice, high quality wool and cotton yarn which is pretty nice to work with.  

I love evenings like this that are so quiet and still.  It is pretty chilly and I am under my blankets with a stack of books beside me.  Starting a new book is like starting a new adventure, so I have to make a decision which adventure I would like to have.  The last book that I read was the Night Circus, which was fantastic.  I am not sure which I love more, books or stitching.  They both compete for my time and attention.  My best friend passes books on to me that she is done with and I am also a big time user of the library.  I am still always delighted that I can walk out of the library with $150 worth of bestsellers with just the promise that I will bring them back.  I think that is magical.  I also think that the library is fundamental in maintaining and uplifting literacy in communities.  I think they are absolutely vital.  

So I think I will go get a cup of warm milk, place one more goodnight kiss on the top of Liesl's sweet little head, and read until my eyes get heavy.  I think that it is a perfect ending to this cozy day.  

May your week be filled with many blessings.

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Anonymous said...


Just found your blog.
Sounds like you had a lovely day yesterday.
I love to read too.
Leisl is adirable!