Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Funny Liesl Story

If you have ever known or loved a schnauzer, you know that these are just about the smartest dogs you can meet and they are known for their sense of humor.  They have an incredible sense of mischief and will create their own fun.  Schnauzer parents fight a losing battle on a daily basis trying to stay one step ahead of their furry Einsteins.

Liesl is funny.  Very funny.  Many times when she knows she is being funny she will grin at me like, "Get it?"  Or she will look at me very stoically, which only makes me giggle harder at her antics.

It has been very cold here, particularly at night, lately.  I have been going to sleep in my pajamas, a cardigan and woolie socks.  As a result, I have accumulated a pile of woolie socks on the floor by the bed.  Tonight I was kneeling down to pick up the socks, when I heard Liesl trotting down the hallway to find where I was.  Now Liesl loves Hide N Seek, and I have not been feeling up to playing it lately.  I decided to stay crouched down beside the dresser, out of sight.  Now I know perfectly well that she knows exactly where I am because she stops and waits on the other side of the dresser.  I waited for about 20-30 seconds and then peeked out and said, "Peek a boo!"  She loves this and will run away down the hall like a toddler.  Afterwards, just like a toddler she will slowly tiptoe down the hallway in hopes that I will do it again.  I stayed put behind my dresser, then peeked out and said, "Peek a boo!"  Again, she went running down the hall.

Less than a minute later, I was still matching up my socks on the bed.  Liesl rang her bell on the kitchen door to the outside to let me know she needed to go out to go potty.  (Yes, this is a neat trick, and she has done it since she was a little puppy.)  So I slowly got up and walked out to the kitchen.  She was not by the door waiting like usual.  In fact, she was no where to be seen.  That was when I saw her crouched down behind the table and chairs trying to hide.  When I told her I saw her she gave me her big schnauzer grin and came trotting out all proud of herself.  What a character.

This breed is something special.  They act so human that there are times that I swear Liesl did not get the memo that she is a dog.  She is so special and I say a prayer of thanks every single night that God blessed me with her in my life.  I read somewhere once that dogs are God's special angels on earth because they are the embodiment of God's unconditional love.  I think this is a beautiful thought and it makes me happy.


Vicky said...

Liesl sure is a wonderful dog. My friend just lost her schnauzer of 14 years last week and she has said her house is very quiet.

Patti said...


Please give your friend my deepest condolences. I said a prayer for her. I can understand her comment about the quiet house. These dogs have big personalities in a small furry dog outfit.


Cindy said...

Patti, I so enjoy your posts....i am not very active on my blog...but i wanted you to know how much i enjoy you and your Bailey has been our angel from heaven for my husband and i...i truly believe she has saved our lives....some of your stories have so hit home with me...thank you for sharing! :D

Irene said...

I can just picture Liesl thinking, "OK, two can play at this game" Such a sweet wonderful story.

Melissa said...

Hi Patti! I'm a new follower.

Being a dog lover I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Liesl!

I have an Irish Setter who is just about as nuts as a dog can get I think haha.

Happy Stitching


Heather said...

I just love your blog, Patti, and Liesl is so cute and funny!!!

I have been praying for you!!!