Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ahh, The Simple Life

Tonight I decided to go over to my church for the last night of VBS for a rare evening out (Vacation Bible School.)  VBS has changed a lot since I was a kid when it was actually directed to children for a week while we were out of school for the summer.  There were crafts and activities then.  Now VBS is inter-generational with people from ages 1 to 100.  We start out by sharing dinner together.  It is my belief that church food is just about the best food that you can eat.  It is prepared so lovingly and then blessed.  There is nothing else like it. 

After we eat, we sing some songs together with our praise band, Psalm 150.  Then comes my favorite part, Bible study.  I love Bible study during VBS because I learn so much from my fellow church family.  There is such amazing input and sharing which makes me love them more.  Afterwards, we gather together on the church patio, where we make s'mores around a fire pit.  I basically get to eat s'mores once a year and it is at VBS.  I think that s'mores are a social food, that are better when you have them with people.  As much as I love them, they are not the same if I make them over my stove top. 

I was home and in my jammies by 8pm.  I had every intention of stitching but, alas, it was not to be.  I was more tired than I thought from my outing and a certain someone wanted my attention and her head rubbed.  She has a habit now of sitting on my feet with her back to me, with a look that says, "My head isn't going to rub itself."  LOL.  I have pulled out some hardanger patterns.  My best friend's birthday is coming up, and she loves hardanger.  She has been to Norway twice, but she says that it is so expensive so she does not have anything.  So I am going to make a couple of small things to include in her gift. 

Ever since I got home this evening, I have been thinking about how much I dearly love the simplicity of my life.  I love the quiet of it, and all of the love in it.  There is nothing on television, so I am usually in bed with a book by 8 pm.  I have been eating really simple food. I read my Bible.  I pray.  I have friends who call me daily and who worry if I do not call them back right away. Sometimes when I can not sleep, I like to just go sit in one of my chairs in the backyard and listen to the quiet of the evening.  It smells so fresh and I love the smell of the jasmine from my neighbor's yard.  Liesl has been getting up around 3 am to come sleep with me lately.  While she does not snuggle, she has just been sleeping near me.  It is comforting to fall back to sleep with my hand on her back, feeling her soft breathing.  I am not sure if she does this so she can comfort me, or so that she can be comforted.   All of these things contribute to a life of contentment and peace.

I wish you contentment and peace, too.

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MaryO said...

I soooo agree with this post. I try to take a moment everyday to notice the simple things - the difference in my garden from the day before. Birdsong. The weather (dumb, but really, isn't it a miracle?), how comforting small things are. Hummers at the feeder. The simple task of emptying the dishwasher or setting out silverware for dinner.

Praying for you daily. Hope all is well. Enjoying your posts. Luv.m.